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Robotel Inc. is a global leader in educational technology. We develop, manufacture, and market digital language lab software platforms that are used in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.


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SmartClass +  Language Laboratory SmartClass + digital language laboratory platforms help teachers deliver classroom and self-study activities that improve their students’ speaking and listening skills.


SmartClass + is a digital language lab software solution that uses a school’s data network to support real-time communication and interaction amongst teachers and students.  


Modern Language Labs Defined Modern language labs are based on the premise of using technology to accelerate the learning of a new language by getting students actively involved in the learning process through hands-on participation.


Modern language labs have evolved so dramatically from the original concept, that even the term “language lab” is often replaced by synonyms such as: • Digital language lab • Digital language lab software • Language laboratory or language laboratories • Foreign language lab or foreign languages lab • World language lab or world languages lab • Modern language lab or modern languages lab • Language laboratory system or language lab system • Language lab equipment or language laboratory equipment • Multimedia language lab or multimedia language laboratory • Language class management system • Language learning center • Language media center • Multimedia learning center • Virtual language lab


Why use a Language Lab? The ideal way to learn a new language is to hire a personal tutor who is both an expert in the target language and a master teacher. This is, however, impractical for most language students. 


SmartClass + Language Lab Documentation SmartClass + product brochures, whitepapers and additional information regarding the platform can be found in the documentation below. Click on the thumbnails to view the most recent version of these materials.


SmartClass + Video Tutorials Click on any of the videos below for a brief tutorial on each of the listed language lab activities. For more details regarding classwork activities and self-study activities – or any other aspect of your language laboratory system, please contact us for a group training or one-on-one experience.


More Information:   http://robotel.com

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