Argumentative Essays

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it is a brief and to the point presentation

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Argumentative Essays : 

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays : 

Argumentative Essays Convince the reader that your opinion is valid. Your topic needs two viewpoints. Pro (an argument for something) Con (an argument against something) You will choose one viewpoint as the topic for your essay.

Balanced Arguments : 

Balanced Arguments You are writing about one side of an issue. You still need to acknowledge the other side. Counterargument: an opposing viewpoint What would someone arguing against you say? Refutation: refute the opposing viewpoint How would you prove this argument wrong? If you only show one side of the issue, it’s propaganda!

Example : 

Example Thesis: Americans should be allowed to own guns for their personal protection. Counterargument: Guns are too dangerous; many innocent lives would be saved if people did not own guns. Refutation: Criminals will always find a way to get guns. If law-abiding citizens did not own guns, more lives would be lost.

Using Modals : 

Using Modals Your Argument must had better should The Opposing Argument may might could can would

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