Traffic Signs

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Traffic Signs : 

Traffic Signs

Slide 2: 

curve road ends

Slide 3: 

don’t go in here crossroad

Slide 4: 

don’t go around other cars disabled parking

Slide 5: 

left turn only no u-turn

Slide 6: 

camping restrooms

Slide 7: 

no left turn railroad crossing

Slide 8: 

traffic goes in one direction do not go against traffic

Slide 9: 

two-way traffic winding road

Slide 10: 

end divided highway no right turn

Slide 11: 

airport yield – let others go first

Slide 12: 

stop sign ahead traffic light ahead

Slide 13: 

T intersection pedestrian crossing

Slide 14: 

no pedestrian crossing lane ends

Slide 15: 

bikes only don’t park here

Slide 16: 

workers ahead divided highway

Slide 17: 

take a different road stop

Slide 18: 

big hill ahead work on the side of the road

Slide 19: 

merge flagman ahead

Slide 20: 

don’t park here road ends

Slide 21: 

dangerous corner hospital

Slide 22: 

new lane ahead reverse turn

Slide 23: 

construction zone school crossing

Slide 24: 

slippery when wet no faster than 50 mph

Slide 25: 

school zone two left turn lanes, no u-turn

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