Facebook Marketing Tips: 2 Mistakes To Avoid In Your MLM Business

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In this Facebook marketing tips presentation you'll discover 2 Facebook mistakes that could potentially be hurting your mlm business.


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Facebook Marketing Tips | 2 Facebook Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your MLM Business Posted by Sonia George on Mar 27th 2015 If you’re looking for Facebook marketing tips then today you’ll discover two Facebook faux pas that could be hurting your business.

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Social media has become a place where many choose to market their business it allows you to have a direct line to current and prospective customers. When I first started out using social media as a way of promoting myself and my business I was making two huge mistakes that I now see many network marketers making. Want to know what they are Two Deadly Facebook Marketing Mistakes Here are two Facebook marketing tips to help you better market your business online: Mistake 1. Posting “No Value Links” One of the biggest mistakes I see and something I’ve been guilty of doing myself is posting up “no value links”. So what exactly are no value links you ask These are links that don’t really say much about anything they’re basically links that just tell people to check out your business opportunity. Here’s one example of a no value link: Hey check out this amazing business opportunity where you can make a gazillion dollars over night Now be honest if you read something like this would you be running to check it out

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If your answer is no then why would you think someone else would be running to check it out The truth is these type of links rarely ever get clicks they just come across as spammy and hyphy which is no bueno. So you may be wondering how to make the transition from posting up “no value links” to now posting “value links”. Well here’s some Facebook marketing tips that can answer this question… One example of a value link can be telling people how your business has been able to help struggling families make a better life for themselves or how it’s been able to help students pay off their student loans. Example: I’m amazed to see so many families able to pay off their debts and devote more time to their families like the Stewarts who for many years struggled to put food on their table but were able to finally get a break and pay off their mortgage and now dedicate most of their time to travelling and giving back to their community. You basically want to summarize a brief story this can be your own personal story or someone who is on your team. Your main agenda is to get people interested enough to want to click on your link and check out your business without it being so BAM In your face. Mistake 2. Doing Facebook Drive-By’s Now the second deadly mistake I see a lot of people making are Facebook drive-by’s.

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A Facebook drive-by is basically inboxing random strangers and asking them if they’d be interested in taking a look at your business opportunity. And I can’t tell a lie I too have been guilty of doing drive-by’s in the past. The reason this is not a very good idea is because you really have no way of knowing whether or not the person you’re messaging is interested in being in a home based business or if they are already in a business and looking for prospects just like you. To some people drive-by’s may come across as being a little invasive and pushy others may just be wondering who the heck are you Do I know you A better way would be to ask someone if they would like to be a Facebook friend because you notice blah blah blah about them or you have blah blah blah in common. You fill in the blanks. And there you have it those are the two most common mistakes. Hope you’ve enjoyed these Facebook marketing tips Additional Facebook Tips If you want to learn a little trick that I’ve discovered to find out who’s looking for the same type of opportunities you’re offering online without having to do drive by’s or post up a bunch of “no value links” then click on the link below…

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