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SUPERVISION AND INSPECTION Presented By: Mrs. Sonia Nagpal Lecturer CCEW

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“Supervision is, in a sense, the backbone of educational improvement” - EDUCATION COMMISSION

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It leads to the improvement of an educational programme. It is provided by the state to help educators and educational administrators to do a better job. It provides educational leadership and guidance to various workers in the field of education.

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SUPERVISION enquiry Fact-finding checking diagnosis correction survey Keeping watch prevention inspiration guidance improvement Direction

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Immediate purpose of Supervision is the Improvement of Instruction . Supervision directly influences the teacher, the learning activities and the pupils .

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DEFINITIONS A dictionary of Education defines Supervision as, “ all efforts of designated school officials towards providing leadership to teachers and other educational workers in the improvement of instruction ; involves the simulation of professional growth and development of teachers , the selection and revision of educational objectives , materials of instruction and methods of teaching ; and the evaluation of instruction .”

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Here the Supervision means: To provide direction to the teachers so that there is improvement in their teaching strategies and professional growth occurs.

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DEFINITIONS Supervision is a planned programme for the improvement of instruction . - ADAMS AND DICKY KIMBALL WILLS defines Supervision as, “an assistance in the development of teaching learning situation”

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BURTON and BRUECKNER have described it as, “ an expert technical service primarily aimed at studying and improving co-operatively all factors which affect child growth and development.”

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We can conclude that The main aim of supervision is the improvement of teachers’ methodology, facilities and learning environment. Supervision is based on the co-operative efforts of all the persons in a group. Supervision is concerned with the improvement in the entire educational programme and not just any one aspect.

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Supervision Areas / Scope of Supervision and Inspection Administrative Academic

Slide 12:

ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES Selection & Appointment of staff Approval to Decisions Checking Records Checking School Plant Equitable Work Distribution Sanction of grants Physical Infrastructure Recognition to Institutes

Slide 13:

ACADEMIC DUTIES Academic Duties Verifying records Teachers’ Orientation Supervising Co-curricular activities Co -ordination Supervision of Teaching Preparation of Teaching material Conducting Survey Guidance

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NEED & PURPOSES OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION 1. Providing leadership. 2. Work Appraisal. 3. Promoting Professional growth. 4. Improvement of Quality of Education. 5. Demonstration of Instruction.

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NEED & PURPOSES OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION 6. Interpreting Educational goals. 7. Checking Inefficiency. 8. Evaluation. 9. Suggestions. 10. Motivation.

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DEFECTS IN THE EXISTING SYSTEM OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION 1. Authoritarianism 2. Lack of subject experts 3. Overburdened 4. Show off 5. Lack of Specific Aim

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DEFECTS IN THE EXISTING SYSTEM OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION 6. No contact with the teachers 7. Incomplete 8. Fault - finding 9. Defective procedure of recruitment of supervisors

Slide 18:

PRINCIPLES OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION 1. Professional growth 2. Impartial 3. Comprehensiveness 4. Sympathy 5. Assessment

Slide 19:

PRINCIPLES OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION 6. Respect 7. Persuasive Approach 8. Planning 9. Regular and thorough supervision 10. Improvement

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METHODS/PROCEDURES OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION School Visits (a) Surprise Visit (b) Visit by Invitation (c) Visits with Prior Notice 2. Teachers’ Meetings & Conferences 3. Circulars 4. Intra-school & Inter-school visits

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METHODS/PROCEDURES OF SUPERVISION & INSPECTION 5. Evaluative Criteria Physical facilities Teachers Curriculum Instructional work Activities Evaluation Procedures 6. Demonstrations

Slide 22:

Creative & Constructive Democratic Educative Leadership Scientific Freedom & Experimentation Planned Organised Progressive New Devices Modern Trends In Supervision & Inspection

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