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ABOUT SWIFT - In 2004 Maruti Suzuki launched its new car “ Maruti Suzuki Swift ”. Swift is a hatchback model of Maruti Suzuki, which is a copy of an American Model Car with more boot space. Earlier Maruti was using FIAT engine in its car but now Maruti has launched its own manufactured K-series engine. In swift its using 1.2L K-series engine which is running successfully. Swift is Available in Petrol and Diesel variants.

Specification : 

Specification ENGINE – Capacity - 1,298cc (diesel) 1,197cc (petrol) Number of Cylinders - 4 (16valve) Maximum Power - 75ps @ 4,000rpm Maximum Torque - 190 Nm @ 2,000rpm Fuel Tank Capacity - 43 litres


PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Introduction : As a new product much time will be spent by the organization to create awareness of it presence amongst its target market. Profits are negative or low because of this reason. Growth:  If there would be positive response of the consumers the organization will see a period of rapid sales growth. Maruti Suzuki Swift stands on Growth Stage. As the sales of Maruti Suzuki Swift is high as compare to Hyundai Getz then the consumer will buy Maruti Suzuki Swift by providing them with great benefits in future and they will accept it.

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Swift is under the Growth stage from the last few years and it is assumed that it will increase for the further years.


MARKETING STRATEGIES MARKETING MIX Product Features:- The all-new Maruti Suzuki Swift is fully loaded with a range of exciting new features with European Styling, Japanese Engineering, Dream-Like Handling. In new Swift DDiS engine is used for Diesel variant and K-Series engine is used for petrol variant , that delivers completely new levels of power , refinement, response and fuel efficiency. DDiS is the superior Common Rail Direct Injection Technology that powers Maruti Swift Diesel. These engines are manufactured indigenously at the new state-of-the-art plant at Maneswar, Haryana. The Swift is more eye-catching, more spacious, more refined, more user-friendly, and a whole lot more enjoyable to drive than anything else in the compact-car category.

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Price Maruti Suzuki is expected to take Hyundai heads on with the pricing of their Maruti Suzuki Swift car. Maruti Suzuki has introduced its three new models. These are :- 1. Swift Ldi 2. Swift VDi 3. Swift Vdi ABS 4. Swift Lxi 5. Swift Vxi 6. Swift Vxi ABS 7. Swift Zxi The price range of these Maruti Suzuki Swift Diesel variant models starts from 4,85,000 to 5,50,000 approx. And price of petrol model starts from 4,05,341 to 4,83,079

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Place:- Maruti Suzuki India Limited has been playing a major role in the upgradation of the Indian Automobile Sector. It has a number of production plants in India and one of them is the Gurgaon plant which was the first plant of the company. It has 3 separate manufacturing sections covering an area of 297 acres, producing nearly 350,000 cars per annum. The company has started a new plant at Maneswar which is supposed to produce 100,000 cars on a yearly basis and is expected to increase its production to 300,000 cars soon. 600 New car sales outlets covering 393 cities. 2628 Maruti Authorized Service Stations , covering 1220 cities. Tie up with Adani group for exporting 200,000 units through Mnudra port Gujarat.

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Promotion:- Advertising:- TV Ads Print Ads Radio Ads Alternative Advertising Options:- TV shows- India’s Got talent. Sponsorships. Place Advertising – Bill boards.

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Sales Promotions:- Product warranties. Premiums (gifts). Trade shows. 2,628The number of workshops that provide customers with maintenance support in 1220 cities.


COMPETITORS OF MARUTISUZUKI SWIFT Hyundai i10 – Hyundai i10 is a main competitor of Suzuki Swift with best fuel efficiency , Best service network and having Best resale value. Hyundai i10 comes into two variants i.e petrol and diesel versions . The price of Hyundai i10 is also economical , starts from 3,45,000 to 5,25,000 approx. Fiat Grande Punto- Fiat Grande Punto is again a major competitor of maruti suzuki in india. Punto is quite spacious and broad as compared to Swift and i10.

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It has two variants i.e petrol and diesel . The price range of petrol version starts from 4,35,565 to 6,08,294 and diesel version starts from 5,19,000 to 6,90,000 . Ford Figo – Ford Figo is a newly launched car with DuraTec 1.2 (petrol) and 1.4 Duratorq 68bhp(diesel) motor which is extremely responsive at low speeds and highly economical which suit the city driving conditions , is again a tough competitor of swift . Ford Figo Diesel price start from 4.20 to 5 lakhs approx. and Ford Figo petrol prices starts from 3.5 to 3.80 lakhs.


POSITIONING Competing with the other cars of Maruti, Maruti Swift is gradually making its position in the world of hatchback car. Most fuel efficient car:- In new Swift Diesel and Petrol variant DDiS and K-Series engine is used that delivers completely new levels of power , refinement, response and fuel efficiency. Environment friendly:- The combination of a 16 valve cylinder head and a 5 Step Multi Injection System gives efficient combustion leading to cleaner emissions. Lowest maintenance cost :- It is the only engine with a Chain Drive Timing System, which is maintenance-free for the entire life of the engine. Trust worthy car .

MODELS OF SWIFT SWIFT Ldi Rs 4,90,162 - Power windows, with AC, Metallic. SWIFT Vdi Rs 5,26,661 - Power windows, with AC, Metallic, in-buit stereo with bluetooth. SWIFT Vdi (ABS) Rs 5,45,276 - Power windows, with AC, Metallic and ABS.

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SWIFT Lxi - Power steering, ORVM windows, fog lamps SWIFT Vxi – Power steering,tachometer , power windows SWIFT Vxi ABS SWIFT Zxi – Steering adjustment, cd player, alloy wheels, air bags


PRICING STRATEGIES Pricing Objective:- The existing pricing objective of Maruti Suzuki Swift is to capture the market share. In order to increase its market share Maruti Suzuki focused its promotions strategy on middle income group people. Pricing strategy:- Maruti Suzuki pricing strategy makes more option available to a customers, which helps the customers to have an option within their budget or around their budget. The range of Maruti Suzuki Swift starts from Rs. 400,000 to 600,000 lakhs approx.


DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Maruti Suzuki is one of the companies in India which has a huge distribution network. Today it has 802 dealerships across 555 towns and cities in India.  To ensure proper after sales service Maruti Suzuki has 2,740 workshops (including dealer workshops and Maruti Authorised Service Stations) in 1,335 towns and cities. It has 30 Express Service Stations on 30 National Highways across 1,314 cities in India.


VENDORS QUALITY CONTROL AND LOGISTICS In order to improve quality and generate economies of scale, MUL has reduced the number of vendors of components in India from 370 to 175. In order to reduce time and cost involved in dealing with more vendors, they have increased their supply chain efficiencies. Inbound Logistics i.e the receiving and warehousing of raw materials, and their distribution to manufacturing.

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Vendors are linked to the MUL through the Internet-based information network , which maintains online information regarding order status and delivery instructions. In order to ensure quality standards , Vendor Quality Control Management System such as ISO 9000/ QS 9000 forms the basis for producing a quality product.

Maruti Swift limited edition : 

Maruti Swift limited edition ONLY 1000 units Engine type – KB series the car boasts smart and attractive features like splendid graphics, special integrated stereo with USB and speakers, luxurious leather seats, cushions, foot-mats and an artistic decal on the exteriors

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