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All solder powders that are used for our paste manufacturing are made under inert atmosphere and under tight quality control program.


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Our Company, Pcatt Pte Ltd was founded in 1996. It is incorporated in Singapore. We are a chemical manufacturing / trading office with plant both locally and in China. We are also represented in most of the South East Asia country, namely Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan . About Pcatt Pte Ltd

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CleanWipe CleanWipe are pre cut flat dry wipe for all-purpose cleaning application. The strong, super absorbent CleanWipe are low in lint, resist tearing and shredding. CleanWipe traps dirt, grease, solder paste, flux residue and other contaminate particles. Available in standard size of 4 and 9 inches square and pack in 300 pieces/bag.

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Gold Pen Base TNEWNINAL makes it easy for you to electroplate safely and quickly with our new PEN PLATING SYSTEM. Using disposable pens, the Newninal PLATING SYSTEM is perfect for ELECTRONIC PARTS, PCBS, Optical Frames, Jewelry, Ornaments, Accessories, SMALL PARTS and any item that requires a new finish.

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Wiper Rolls CleanRoll Wipes have been developed to support the high standards necessary in the electronics industry. This wipe is effective in cleaning under stencils between prints because of its super absorbency; extremely low shredding and particle generation, purity and resistance to tearing. This specially blended non-woven structure wipes are soft and tough and will not scratch surfaces when used wet or dry.

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CleanPen Solvent Pen For the solvent, the easiest and simplest way to go is with a blender pen, designed for blending when using markers. Model:- SA9200 , SC9800, SC9860 Type:- Saponifier , Solvent, Solvent

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Rubber Squeegee Rubber squeegee are available in various shapes and in different hardness. Squeegee of different hardness are denoted by different color and is recommended for different applications.

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PCATT PTE LTD Address:- 27 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 #04-11 Hiang Kie Industrial Building Singapore 757718 Tel : +65 67607548/67663825 Fax : +65 64651961 Email : Email :

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