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Expanding Cities By Brendan Howe:

Expanding Cities By Brendan Howe

Three Ways Cities Grow:

Three Ways Cities Grow Migration - from rural to urban environments Birth rate exceeds death rate Annexation of local communities


Migration The world is becoming increasingly urban as people flock to cities. People Migrate to Cities to increase quality of life

Birth/Death Ratio:

Birth/Death Ratio When the death rate decreases dramatically the birth rate lags behind creating an increase in population


Annexation The City of Portland Red is the original city in 1850’s By present day All Colored areas are part of Portland As the City expanded it absorbed satellite communities

Expansion: Planned Vs. Sprawl:

Expansion: Planned Vs. Sprawl Good urban planning creates compact, sustainable communities with little impact on the surrounding environment When urban planning does not succeed sprawl can be the result, miles of land can be used for single family housing

Planned Expansion:

Planned Expansion If skyscrapers are used expansion can go upward, though it is expensive Effective block planning can increase density but often at the cost of transport efficiency.

Urban Sprawl:

Urban Sprawl

Pro of Urban Expansion:

Pro of Urban Expansion If expansion is planned well: Urban economies are stimulated Businesses can operate more efficiently Social Cohesion is Increased Art and Culture flourish Quality of life increases

Con of Urban Expansion:

Con of Urban Expansion If expansion is planned poorly: Urban Sprawl The environment and ecology can be damaged Quality of life can decrease Crime can become a detrimental factor Dying cities

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