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FDR’s New Deal:

FDR’s New Deal EDSU 532 Scaffold Lesson Plan By: Stacy O’Melia -Smith

Content Area Standard:

Content Area Standard 11.6 Students analyze the different explanations for the Great Depression and how the New Deal fundamentally changed the role of the federal government. Analyze the effects of and the controversies arising from New Deal economic policies and the expanded role of the federal government in society and the economy since the 1930s (e.g., Works Progress Administration, Social Security, National Labor Relations Board, farm programs, regional development policies, and energy development projects such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, California Central Valley Project, and Bonneville Dam).

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives Explain what the New Deal is and where the term originated. Discuss FDR’s roll in the Great Depression and his impact on the American society today. Compare and contrast FDR and Herbert Hoover Explain each part of the New Deal including, Social Security, Public Works Admin, National Labor Relations Board and Works Progress.

Content Vocabulary:

Content Vocabulary New Deal Franklin D. Roosevelt Herbert Hoover Glass Segal Act National Recovery Administration Publics Works Administration Social Security Bank Runs/Bank Holidays Hundred Days fireside chats FDIC AAA CCC

Pre-Reading Strategy:

Pre-Reading Strategy Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DRTA) Open your textbook to chapter 10, looking through the chapter, taking note of the headings, illustrations, tables and diagrams. In your journal write fives questions you have about the chapter Class discussion about chapter 10

Between Reading:

Between Reading We will now have a short lecture on FDR’s New Deal and complete the FDR’s New Deal worksheet.

During Reading Strategy:

During Reading Strategy Study Guide: Working in pairs students will read chapter 10 from their US History textbook and complete the Chapter 10: Roosevelt and the New Deal Guided Reading worksheet. Students will then use page 512 of their textbooks to help them complete the Critics of the New Deal worksheet.

Post Reading Strategy:

Post Reading Strategy Class Discussion and Review of Worksheets What is the New Deal?? Where did the term originate? Compare FDR and Herbert Hoover What actions happened in the first hundred days of FDR’s presidency?? What were some of the goals of the New Deal?


Assessment Define the following terms: New Deal: Bank Holiday: Civilian Conservation Corp: Public Works Admin: Social Security: Fireside Chats: National Labor Relations Board: Hundred Days: Where did the term “New Deal” originate? During the first Hundred Days, what action did Congress and the President take? What 2 agencies were designed to provide debt relief? In what ways was FDR’s First New Deal successful? In what ways did it fall short? Name two critics of the New Deal and explain why they were critical of this plan.


Closing In this lesson we have covered many aspects of the New Deal, what the New Deal was, FDR’s impact on American society during the Great Depression and compared and contrasted his policies with Herbert Hoovers. We have also discussed the different aspects of the New Deals and their effects on America today as well as critics of the New Deal.

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