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Leading RTO student management software & consulting in Australia that handles the RTO operations and challenges that RTOs face today. It’s a complete solution to the RTO operations. for more visit: https://solzrbm.com.au/


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Are You The Type Of RTO Whom SolzRBM Can Help? :

Are You The Type Of RTO Whom SolzRBM Can Help? In Australia, RTOs are public/private organizations that facilitate VET (Vocational Education and Training) offering Training and Qualifications or Statements of Attainment which are recognized/accepted by industries and educational institutions. Only RTOs can deliver nationally recognized courses and accredited Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) VET qualifications. The levels of qualification and training offers by RTOs are Vocational Graduate Diploma Vocational Graduate Certificate  Advanced Diploma Diploma Certificates I, II, III and IV. Currently, around 5000 RTOs are listed on the Authoritative National Register of Vocational Training Sector in Australia (Details at: training.gov.au)

An RTO can be registered by the following Principal Registering Bodies::

An RTO can be registered by the following Principal Registering Bodies: ASQA : Australian Skills Quality Authority VRQA:  Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority TAC:  Training and Accreditation Council Types of RTOs RTOs include TAFE colleges and institutes, private providers, community organizations, adult and community education providers, commercial and enterprise training providers, industry bodies, schools, higher education institutions, and other organizations that meet registration requirements. The major types of RTOs include TAFE colleges or institutes operated and financed by state and territory governments that provide accredited vocational education and training in a wide range of fields. The types of qualifications that can be obtained through the TAFE is range from certificate to postgraduate level. Some Australian universities also operate a TAFE division and offer VET courses in addition to higher education courses. PRIVATE RTOs A private RTO is a privately operated education/training business or centre that deliver accredited vocational education and training in a wide range of fields. The performance of all privately operated RTOs delivering government- subsidised training is regularly reviewed to make sure training meets the Victorian government’s high standards.

Enterprise RTOs :

Enterprise RTOs Enterprise RTOs are companies and other organizations (such as government departments) which are registered to provide nationally registered training to their own employees. For example, government enterprise RTOs cover government departments such as the Department of Defence , Department of Correctional Services Academy and Centrelink Virtual College. Non-government enterprise RTOs include companies such as Woolworths, Qantas and Toyota Australia. Adult And Community Education Providers ACE primarily works for adult and community education. The institutions help to improve foundation skills in learning language, literacy, numeracy, computing, personal skills and help adults to complete their secondary education and begin or change their career direction. ACE programs are usually free or low cost. ACE is funded via territory, or state governments and by the Commonwealth Government via the Department of Education and Training. Professional Associations Professional associations are organizations that act as a peak body for professional educational learning programme . The organization can define the profession and assist both individual and organizational members to further the profession through ongoing learning, quality control and research. Professional VET associations include: VET network Australia Australian College of Educators Institute of Senior Educational Administrators of NSW

Schools :

Schools Schools are established or recognized under an Act of a state/territory parliament for the purpose of providing courses of instruction in pre-school, primary or secondary education. This education may include the delivery of VET, either formally as part of a school-based apprenticeship or a senior secondary school certificate, or less formally as an individual subject.secondary school certificate, or less formally as an individual subject. Universities Some of Australia’s universities also offers vocational education courses. These Australian institutions include: Charles Darwin University Federation University Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Swinburne University of Technology Victoria University. The University determines their own vocational training courses based on analysis of their areas of strength and the courses valued by students and industry. How can SolzRBM help you? SolzRBM is a unique RTO student management system framework that automates all your key processes across functions of student recruitment, academic operations, compliance and reporting. It brings the flexibility and the architecture to evolve into a true “Student Centric RTO”. SolzRBM - Student Mangement System is a Modern Technology Framework for managing an RTO business and not just an RTO software that was built for someone else! SolzRBM meets all complex new challenges that RTOs face today.

Contact :

Contact Phones Australia: +61-291-882-143 India: +91-755-2440086 US: +1-800-860-142 E-Mail info@solzrbm.com.au Web site: https ://solzrbm.com.au/

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