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Our yoga mats are available in different colours to suit your personality, so choose the one that calls out to you the best and gets started with your hot yoga today. These yoga mats can be easily carried wherever you travel, making it your best companion.


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About Sol Living:

About Sol Living Sol Living offers a variety of yoga products online. Our wide variety of yoga mats, yoga straps, and yoga props will become your favorite yoga products .

Yoga Mat:

Yoga Mat For health-conscious and fitness freak people, yoga is a way of living nowadays. It not only works on our body and fitness but is good for our minds as well. For all those who practice yoga at home, park or who run yoga classes to benefit people, a yoga mat is a must to practice.

Yoga Mat Online:

Yoga Mat Online If you want to purchase for personal use or for a group, Solliving is the name where the search ends. The collection offers natural rubber and cotton yoga mats online for esteemed customers. The mats here are slip-free, easy to wash and sweat resistant. The fine quality mats are available in an array of colors.

Exercise Mat:

Exercise Mat Working out has become an essential part of our lives these days. A sedentary lifestyle and increasing levels of cholesterol and tension have made everyone concerned about their health. Some people hit the gym, some need yoga classes and some workout at their home. In any case, slip-free, fine quality, sweat resistant exercise mat is a must.

Best Yoga Mats:

Best Yoga Mats Solliving offers the best yoga mats that can be fruitful for both, beginners as well as experts. Their most popular mats are eco-friendly as they latex-free PVC rubber mats. Not only this, the mats can be custom designed as well as per the requirements of the people.

Yoga Bags:

Yoga Bags There are people who exercise at home; there are other sets of people who believe in taking proper classes and going for yoga classes. For this set of people there are Yoga Bags . These bags really come handy to keep all the accessories like a yoga mat, towels, a flask of water, and so on.

Yoga Accessories & Yoga Products:

Yoga Accessories & Yoga Products At Solliving , besides yoga mats and bags, other yoga accessories are also available. The collection includes a yoga mat, mat slings, that are easy to carry, as well as yoga strap. Made from eco-friendly material, yoga products are easy to wash at home. The material used is a 100 % organic as concern for the environment is a supreme concern. Also, the quality of mats is very fine and they are soft so that they do not hurt you while practising yoga at home. The customers are always happy and contented with the range that Solliving has to offer.

Yoga Equipments:

Yoga Equipments Yoga practice is much beyond poses and asanas . There has been a considerable amount of advancement in the science and art of Yoga! People are more into power yoga to get more efficient results as per their requirements. For the very purpose, one needs Yoga Equipments for their sessions.

Travel Yoga Mat, Eco Yoga Mats:

Travel Yoga Mat, Eco Yoga Mats It is quite impossible to carry a heavy yoga mat for your yoga classes. Or, even if you are traveling, a travel yoga mat would rather be a convenient option. The yoga mats at Solliving are light in weight and are available in varied colors, patterns, fabrics, and sizes. Like, there are these environmentally friendly and safe eco yoga mats .

Yoga Probs:

Yoga Probs Whatever medical concern you have, people suggest yoga for healing, weight loss, and peace of mind. So, in order to begin or advance your yoga practice, yoga props are a must. These props are used to maintain and keep body postures in check. Solliving has the widest variety of such products, and there is an option of Yoga accessories kit as well.

Yoga Bolsters:

Yoga Bolsters People nowadays are practicing and respecting the amazing combination of art and science called Yoga. Earlier, there were just the asanas for yoga. As of now, people are introducing and adopting accessories as Yoga Bolsters for their practice. These are available in various sizes and shapes at Solliving .

Meditation Products:

Meditation Products They serve as a cushion while performing tough poses. As, there are some postures and poses that are better performed with bolster so that the body balance is maintained, and no harm or injury is caused during performing the pose. Besides, there are meditation products as well that are available.

Our Products:

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Contact Us:

Contact Us Company Name : Sol Living Contact Person : Suresh Kanthaswamy Address : 137 Campus Drive, Edison, New Jersey, USA 08837 Contact Number : +1 732 387 3569 Contact Email : Website :

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