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Looking for unique high end luxury bespoke doors in the UK? Look no further for more products and services like ironmongery, prehung door sets and high gloss internal doors, London, as Solid Wooden Doors has them all.


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Solid Wooden Doors- Is It the Right Choice Doors are one of the main features of any building and extra attention must be paid to these entrance/exit points. Doors play a role in the overall appearance of the building but play an even more important role when it comes to safety and security. Thus selecting a door for your building doesn’t come down to design or colour alone and in fact isn’t just a matter of what catches your eye. Solid and durable The kind of door you’ll want to go with depends on where the door will be installed. Some doors hollow- core for instance should only be used for the interior while solid wooden doors can be used both for the interior and exterior. The designs on the door itself also depend on where the door will be installed. Main doors are usually detailed and have various designs on them while a door to a storage room for instance will be kept plain and simple. There are various types of doors in the market but solid wooden doors continue to be the most popular. And there are a range of high-end luxury bespoke doors UK for you to choose from. Wooden doors are solid which makes them durable and also more secure. This is the reason most people go for solid wooden doors especially for the exterior. Solid wooden doors shut firmly and feel heavy. These make them ideal for main entrances which must have a secure door in place to keep any intruders away. You also wouldn’t want to keep replacing doors in a building. Doors are supposed to be long-lasting and solid wooden doors won’t fail you. They will serve their purpose for a very long time. By going with high- end luxury bespoke doors UK especially those at Solid Wooden Doors you’ll find that your purchase is actually an investment. Elegance The door you choose for your building’s main entrance has a huge impact on the overall impression the building makes. This is why you need to be picky when choosing main doors especially if it’s for a house. The high-end luxury bespoke doors available at Solid Wooden Doors for instance will make your house look elegant and classy. Price One of the main concerns people have with solid wooden doors is price. And it is an understandable concern. People choose to go with hollow-core doors that don’t last very long but are easier on the wallet. However someone who understands the importance of a good door for their building will always go with a solid wooden door. While there are solid wooden doors of all price ranges they are not the cheapest. And since it’s an investment you shouldn’t mind having to pay a little extra for a good door. It’ll definitely be worth it. For instance if you go with high-end luxury bespoke doors UK especially the ones at Solid Wooden Doors you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

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