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Tips for Preparing for a Trade Show:

Tips for Preparing for a Trade Show


Trade shows are a must for small business success. They’re especially helpful to start-ups. However, trade shows can be frustrating and overwhelming.


Fortunately, there are ways to relieve this frustration and ensure you’re properly prepared for your show. Just follow these steps: • Learn the specifics of the show • Display your work and logo clearly • Arrange the properly and make it stand out • Create a presentation board • Promote on social media

Learn the Specifics of the Show:

Learn the Specifics of the Show Before preparing for a trade show, you must know the specifics of it. This means learning about your audience and the area where your booth will be located.


Find out how large your booth area will be, the location of electrical outlets, if accessories like table cloths are provided and if there’s enough wall space to display your logo. Knowing the specifics of the show and your booth area will help you plan and prepare your display.

Display Your Work and Logo Clearly:

Display Your Work and Logo Clearly Your trade show booth design should include a large, visible logo, company name and a portfolio of your company’s best work or products.

Arrange the Properly and Make It Stand Out:

Arrange the Properly and Make It Stand Out To make them more efficient and appealing to visitors, trade show tables should be arranged in levels.

Create a Presentation Board:

Create a Presentation Board A stand-alone presentation board can be used to show visitors how your company, products and/or services can benefit them.


However, you should also offer them other things to remember your company by, including brochures, business cards, pens, hats, t-shirts, notepads, magnets and more. Promotional items with your company’s name and logo will ensure your visitors remember you.

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