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Do you have big windows or sunroofs, sky balconies which transmit heat, glare into your office, residential property resulting in discomfort and inconvenience to the occupants, then Window Films in Lagos by will be appropriate for you?


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Safety Security Window Film. Also known as Anti-Shatter Anti-Crash Anti-Burglary and Anti-Blast Window Films. ​Security window films ​are for the sole purpose of strengthening reinforcing glass these window films do not have any ballistic properties or features like bulletproof glass. The world has become a very dangerous place. Carjacking kidnappings or terrorist attacks have not spared any country or region. Unprovoked crime and unexpected assaults can take their toll anywhere. News about terrorist activities robberies break-ins has become very common in cities that are otherwise considered to be safe. Glass when impacted during such incidents of crime breaks into small shards and can cause life-threatening injuries to occupants passer buys and security personnel that is on duty. In the case of a terrorist bomb blast incident broken glass causes 90 of the lethal injuries. The ​Safety Security Protection Window Films ​in such times and situations become a life-saving layer between danger and you. Safety films are produced in different tensile The thickness of the film gives the film its tensile strength which means thicker the film higher the impact bearing capacity of the film. Safety films come in various thickness 2mill 50 microns 4mill 100 microns 8mill 200 microns 11mill 275 microns and 15mill 375 microns. Safety films with thickness above 8mill 200 microns have a tensile strength of 200 lbs per inch and above are strong enough to withstand a bomb blast. 8mill Safety Security with a good anchoring system can give you a very sturdy unbreakable safety against intrusion break-ins natural calamities like hurricanes storms and bomb blasts. The application of a Safety film is recommended for a flat glass surface that can break and cause injuries such glass may be present in your Homes workplace or the windscreen of your favorite motor vehicles. You may not have thought of those glasses as a security threat to humans until an accident takes place.

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Safety Films at your Residence – You have children in your house or old parents who can accidentally fall and the glass on the table may break and injure them. A glass sliding door with ultra-clear glass may pose a life-threatening concern if you walk into the clear glass unnoticed. Safety Films at your Place of work – Modern-day aesthetics with generous use of glass revolving glass doors can pose a threat many lethal accidents can be prevented with just an additional investment. Glass partitions and doors in the factory area and staff canteen can be installed with safety films to avoid accidents. Safety Films for your car windscreens – Smash and Grab incidents are and order of the day in many busy cities of the word your car may be parked at a traffic light your car windscreen is broken and your valuables are collected by miscreants. Sometimes these incidents can cause injuries to the occupants besides trauma and financial loss. You can delay entry into your vehicle by installing a clear safety film and prevent yourself from going through trauma and injuries. These films prevent intrusion through the windows and enhance airbag performance in case the car is involved in an accident. WindowFilmsinLagos WindowFilmsinAbuja SolarWindowFilmsinLagos Safety Security Films ​has an unlimited scope when it comes to securing the glass. Get in touch with us if you are interested in protecting your self – Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd. Email – ​ ​. Mobile - +2348073516183 / +2349044080861 Or visit-

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