Safety Security Window Films in Lagos-Solar Scape Nigeria

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The elaborate use of glass facades on buildings is a new trend for high-rise buildings whether residential or commercial decorative Window Films for more information call:- +2348073516183 or 08073516183 or visit:- #SafetySecurityWindowFilminAbuja


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Window Films the new PRO.  Window films ​ are the new professional working in your office homes silently for your                             comfort safety and happiness. Gone are the days of varnishing blinds and drapes which                             are bulky expensive to maintain and accumulate dust they block your view from the                             beautiful natural scenery on the other side of the window. ​MADICO® Widow films                           are coated with a scratch-resistant surface which makes it very easy to wipe off and clean                                 the glass surface making it easy to maintain. Millennial window film technology has                           introduced the one-way film which allows zero visibility from outside whereas from                         inside you can have a hindrance free natural view outside. These one-way window films                             provide you the desired privacy with all the other benefits of solar protection.

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Window Films ​is the new fad in designing for window interiors many corporations                           banks multinationals residence owners have made window film as part of the interior                           as they allow the healthy sunlight to come inside and restrict the harmful quality of the                                 sun rays window films are energy-saving and environment friendly. The installation of                         Madico® window films is easy and available in a wide range of shades colors designs                               and patterns to suit your glass orientation energy-saving improves comfort improves                       efficiency strengthens the glass and adds to the aesthetic of the interiors. It’s proven                             that modern window film technology reduces up to 80 of the solar heat coming                             through your windows. This reduction of solar heat can be equivalent to a 20                             reduction in your energy cost. Governments provide incentives to energy-saving and                       eco-friendly buildings in a different part of the world these policies vary from country                             to country and marks our contribution back to the environment. Huge savings on                           energy reduce your operational cost these savings can be invested back into the business                             and increase your profitability. Initial investments on window films can thus be                         recovered in 2-3 yrs time Payback period. Research done in major cities of the word                               says that major commercial buildings in cities consume approximately 25 of the city’s                           electricity.   With window film you can convert your old poor quality glass into modern-day                           E-glass with solar and UV protection values reflective to semi-reflective appearance.                       Everything can be provided to suit your taste and preference. Ordinary glass panels can                             be converted into a hybrid glass which is a mixture of the reflective and tinted film                                 which is becoming very popular in homes because of its non-reflective look.  Madico® Window Films ​are available through their distributor network throughout                     the globe so if you are a commercial property owner in Nigeria residential property                             owner hotelier or facility manager you can discuss with us and ask for a free                               consultation.   WindowFilmsinLagos WindowFilmsinAbuja SolarWindowFilmsinLagos      Call Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd.  Mobile - +2348073516183 / +2349044080861 Email – ​  Visit our website – ​https://​

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