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Do you have big windows or sunroofs, sky balconies which transmit heat, glare into your office, residential property resulting in discomfort and inconvenience to the occupants, then Window Films in Lagos by will be appropriate for you? #windowfilmsinlagos


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Decorative Window Films in Abuja By Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd

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Decorative window films with different patterns designs color and printed work can also be installed to such window glass for more information call:- +2348073516183 or 08073516183 or visit:- solarscapenigltd.busi

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Upgrade of glass - Window film for old buildings. Buildings built in the ’80s or earlier90’s constructions or early 20 th century face a challenge from the present-day modern-day green energy-efcient construction. T o stay relevant in today’s marketplace repositioned assets have to keep up with a new generation of sleek efcient green buildings. One way for owners and developers to quickly add value during repositioning eforts is by improving window quality. Energy-efcient windows can help keep buildings from falling behind a greener market. Full Glass replacement is an expensive option. “Using window flm to convert existing single-paned windows into the high-performance glass can be a more cost-efective solution.” Replacing Existing Glass can be eight times as much per square foot higher as compared to window flm. By merely installing solar window flms on this old glass the ordinary glass can be converted into modern-day e-glass which can give you the same energy-saving glare reduction UVR and Infra-red reduction which these modern-day glasses are giving. Besides these flms installed on old building glass can uplift the look of the glass. Easy to install retroft technology can give a leap to your building infrastructure into the present day energy-efcient market. Zero downtime for installation which means the flms can be installed during the course of the normal day to day running of the building

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T otal glass replacement would mean shutting down the operations for making the glass installation possible besides the huge investment cost. Window flm has long life spanning from 15yrs to 20yrs from the time of installation. This works out to be the most cost-efective solution to your building requirements as your building ofce a residence can reap the benefts and upgrade to modern-day energy-efcient technology. You can also upgrade the look of your glass a wide range of shades are available in solar window flms to suite glass orientation and visibility as desired. Welcome the new revolution in window flm technology convert your old glass into modern-day e-glass solar control window flms is space-age technology meant for your comfort and improvement of your lifestyle. T ake a leap forward for a more energy-efcient building reduce your carbon footprint. If you are an existing building owner or you manage a Heritage Building solar window flm is the solution to your existing problem. We are authorized distributors of Madico® window flms for the West African market with a base in Nigeria. Madico® is a US company which has been in the flm business for 100 years come experience the MADICO® window flm technology experience innovation and expertise. We have a wide range range of window flms ranging from Solar Window Films Decorative Window Films and Safety Security Window Films. Kindly call us – “Solar Scape Nigeria Ltd” Mobile - +2348073516183 / +2349044080861 Email – Website –

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