5Kw solar system cost and its output


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What is 5Kw Solar System and its Cost, Output ?

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5KW Solar System 5Kw solar system is the ideal choice for medium to large Aussie family living upto 5 members If you are fed up with high electricity bills, installing 5000 watt(5kw) system on your home can be the simple way to reduce your bills A 5Kw solar system needs approximately 25-35 square meters roof space comprised between 15-20 panels..

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What is 5Kw Solar system cost ? Currently in Australia Good quality 5kw solar systems prices approximately from $3,990 to $8,000 Quality is the first priority when it comes to solar systems, there were many cheaper options on the market, but note you get what what you pay At Solar Power Nation we do not compromise on quality, all of our products come with manufacturers in addition to the 10 Year Workmanship & Installation Guarantee..

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5Kw solar system Output On average a good quality 5kW solar system produces 20kwh electricity per day. How Much Amount You Can Save? You can save approximately $2000 each year with a 5kw system but this figure will vary depending upon your area and quality of solar system. STC rebates are also counts in your annual savings.

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