Solar Power Systems Installation Cost Brisbane

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Solar Power Systems Installation Cost Brisbane


CONTENTS Solar power systems  have become quite popular in recent times. It is because of its higher benefits and higher efficiency. Several manufacturers are there who offer good-quality residential and commercial-scale solar power systems. Cost of a solar power system depends on various factors such as quality, power generation capacity, availability of the material, and Complexity of installation.

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How Does Pricing Work? To understand it better, we should take an example of a 3KW solar power system. The cost breakup is as below. You should not forget that these figures are ballpark figures.

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The actual cost may vary. The typical cost of installation: 6000$ Rebate received by the government: 1665$ Effective cost: 4325$

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These figures can be extrapolated to determine the cost of 6KW, 12KW, and so on. To understand the calculation clearly, here is a chart: 1.5 KW system- 5 panels required- Cost is between 2500$ to 4000$

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2KW-7 panels required- 3000$ to 4500$ 3KW-10 panels required- 3500$ to 5000$ 5KW- 17 panels required- 4500$ to 8000$ 10KW- 33 panels required- 8000$ to 12000$

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Those who want to add a good-quality inverter should add around 20 percent cost to the above price range.  There is a method to save a few bucks.  By installing a budget inverter, you can save 500$ to 700$.

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Making Money From The Solar System There is another way to cut down the cost of a  solar system Brisbane . Paybacks and cash flows are the ways one can reduce the overall operational cost. When there is an excess generation of power, you can send it to the central grid. The concept of net-metering is used for calculating the amount. It means, if you generate more power than what you consume, you get a rebate for it.

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You are billed for the net power. It is credited to your account. Whether you  spend your savings to install a solar power system  or add the amount to your mortgage at the current interest rates, the solar power system pays for itself immediately. The quicker you repay the cost depends on various variables. Hence, you should do your research. 

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