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The new integrated solar street light is an extremely versatile and robust solar parking light, it is perfect for all kinds of weather conditions. Here our own production of this integrated solar light. The solar panel is known as a photovoltaic cell that uses energy from sunlight to convert solar energy into electricity.


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Specification of all-in-one solar street light A ll in one solar street light has built-in solar panel, charge controller, lithium ion battery, LED light, and dusk to dawn sensor. Everything in a solar street light is available in 12w, 16w, 20w, 24w and 30 watts at the best price in India. These batteries are no aqueous, almost half the weight of LA batteries, and also charge faster.

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Features of Solar Street Light The lithium ion battery powered solar street light is very difficult to steal because it is fixed inside the LED light which is upside down on the pole to make it safe . In the case of the lead acid battery, the solar panel connects the LED lights with a cable that makes its installation so complex and the resulting energy losses in the cable, but like in the lithium ion battery, the losses are very insignificant because the LED lights and solar panel are incorporated in the same position in lights.

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Typical Advantages: Integrated design of solar street lights guarantees protection against theft of batteries Does not require connection cables or trenches Long battery life with lithium ion / Ferro lithium phosphate battery (LiFePO4 ) Easy to install without the need for skilled labour (in 10 minutes ) Absolutely no battery maintenance required for at least 3 to 4 years

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B ecause water and rust damage LED products, our built-in solar streetlights are manufactured with enhanced safety measures like water and dust. It is compact and lightweight in design. All-in-one solar lights also have a built-in passive infrared motion sensor for systematic brightness level regulation. All of the above features have made Photon Power, the number one integrated solar street light manufacturing / all in one solar street light manufacturing in China, as well as the leading all-in-one solar streetlight suppliers and wholesalers in Shenzhen, China.

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