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5kW solar systems have become one of the most popular solar packages offered in NSW, Australia. Such a system is capable of producing 25 units on an average around the year. With the amazing and affordable price, your 5kw Solar system will pay back the cost in energy bill savings in approximately 18 months! 5kW solar systems will help you save money and protect against rising utility costs and electricity rates. For those looking good quality 5KW Solar System at a fantastic price, is a good place to start. Watch this video and see what you may have been missing! Get FREE Quote: https://www.solarbeam.com.au/5-kw-solar-system Fill out the form to request a quote our solar expert will contact you! Have any questions about solar? Call Solar Beam @ 1300 004 077 Learn more: https://www.solarbeam.com.au/5kw-solar-system-nsw If you’re interested in getting the best deal on solar, follow the link below Get special offer: https://www.solarbeam.com.au/special-offers Visit our website: https://www.solarbeam.com.au/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Solar-Beam-Pty-Ltd-227508037746633/ Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/SolarbeamAus


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4599 for a Fully Installed 5.4 kW Solar system is an Industry Price Breakthrough

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+ 4599 installed

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5kw Solar System Package Get to know all about it

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 25 Years Of Performance Warranty  20250 W Solar Panels  10-12 Years Of Manufacturer’s Warranty  Certified Australian Standard Mounting  Saving on your Annual Electricity Bills up to 98  1-year of Workmanship Warrantee 5 KW Solar System Facts  High Module Conversion Efficiency  Excellent Performance with Durability  Severe Weather Resilience

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Jinko Solar Panels are coupled with the Zever Inverter.

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Zever Solar Inverter Dual MPPT for flexible installation Light weight less than 1 kg4 Compact design with IP65 casing for outdoor use SUNCLIX connectors for tooless DC wiring Quiet with only 25dB noise High operating altitude up to 4000m Optional retrofitable integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection Support remote firmware update

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How much Money can you SAVE with 5kw Solar System In general if your 5 KW system is receiving about 4.3 hours of sunlight per day then you can easily cut your electricity bills by 98.

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5 KW Solar System Price | Solar Beam Price Include Full Installation Rebate - 3500 8099 4599 Discount Price

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5 KW Solar System Return On Investment A 5.4 KW of Top Quality Solar Panels makes an Average of 25 kWh per day in NSW

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Let us help you get SOLAR quotes - - Its what we do best Fill out our Hassle-free No Obligation Full Commitment Solar Quote Form And get...  5 Star Rated Service  Better Deals Then Anywhere Else GET STARTED WITH FREE QUOTE Solar Beam

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Contact Us /SolarbeamAus /Solar-Beam-Pty-Ltd- 227508037746633/ solarbeam.com.au/ 1300 –004-077 L i m i t e d t i m e o n l y

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