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How much does 5KW Solar System REALLY Cost?

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$ 4,599 for a Fully Installed* 5.4 kW Solar system is an Industry Price Breakthrough!

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+ FREE $4,599 installed

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5kw Solar System Package! Get to know all about it!

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25 Years Of Performance Warranty 20*250 W Solar Panels 10-12 Years Of Manufacturer’s Warranty Certified Australian Standard Mounting Saving on your Annual Electricity Bills up to 98% 1-year of Workmanship Warrantee 5 KW Solar System Facts High Module Conversion Efficiency Excellent Performance with Durability Severe Weather Resilience

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Jinko Solar Panels are coupled with the  Zever Inverter.

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Zever Solar Inverter Dual MPPT for flexible installation Light weight less than 1 kg4 Compact design with IP65 casing for outdoor use SUNCLIX connectors for tooless DC wiring Quiet with only 25dB noise High operating altitude up to 4000m Optional & retrofitable integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection Support remote firmware update

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How much Money can you SAVE with 5kw Solar System? In general, if your 5 KW system is receiving about 4.3 hours of sunlight per day, then you can easily cut your electricity bills by 98%.

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5 KW Solar System Price | Solar Beam Price Include Full Installation & Rebate - $3,500 $8,099 $4,599 Discount Price

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5 KW Solar System Return On Investment A 5.4 KW of Top Quality Solar Panels makes an Average of 25 kWh per day in NSW

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Let us help you get SOLAR quotes! - - Its what we do best Fill out our Hassle-free, No Obligation, Full Commitment Solar Quote Form! And get... 5 Star Rated Service Better Deals Then Anywhere Else GET STARTED WITH FREE QUOTE @ Solar Beam

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Contact Us! /SolarbeamAus /Solar-Beam-Pty-Ltd- 227508037746633/ solarbeam.com.au/ 1300–004-077 Limited time only!

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