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Learn times tables in order to recall them instantly


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Learn Times Tables : 

Learn Times Tables Why is Learning Times Tables properly so important for your children?

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Times tables are the foundation blocks of maths Everybody has to learn them Kids begin to learn them at a young age soon after they start school

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How well your children learn the times tables A very direct effect on progress in maths and other subjects at school Learning the Times Tables properly greatly boosts children’s confidence

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Majority of children do not learn their times tables properly Many lose confidence in maths Lack of confidence can spread to other subjects Children can end up believing they are no good at maths

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Clear reasons why Children learn times tables properly, however Most do not

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Traditionally school system teaches times tables in rote fashion Slow laborious process Children do not behave and think like this Have a vivid and colourful imagination Cannot sit still for long Do not concentrate for the long periods of time

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Rote learning is a very linear method Problem Answers are also retrieved memory in a linear fashion Time consuming Takes effort to get to the correct answer

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If answer becomes too much effort, your children will simply give up Becomes harder effectively learn the times tables Your child will lose confidence

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School have a curriculum to follow Accepted way of teaching times tables Young children cannot concentrate for long periods of time School lessons are not designed around this Leads to concentration problems

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Some parents understandably become frustrated Negative comments Discouraging for children Leaving them feeling ‘bad’ at maths Reducing their confidence.

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Build confidence Create a feeling of confidence from the start Ideal place to start building confidence Maths is very black and white Either you are right or wrong The more right answers you get, the more confidence will build

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Imagine if Your children could recall the times tables instantly Use different method to learn them both quickly and accurately Translate into feeling of confidence Believe that they are good at maths Happy

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Confidence spreads to the other subjects Start to develop good learning habits and attitudes Do not under estimate

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www.TimesTablesMaths.com/LearnTimesTables For more information, goto The New Way to Learn Times Tables

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