Multivariate Software Testing - Testing One Component at a Time

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Multivariate software testing formalizes checks and tests on the individual page components rather than considering full pages. With multivariate software tests, the quality assurance team identifies different elements and components of the website page where the tests are potentially planned to run. Multiple versions of the page are then visualized by different variations & combinations of individual elements. Effectively, multivariate software testing focuses on identifying the winning combination from a set of all possible combinations. Read more at:


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Multivariate Testing:

Multivariate Testing Testing One Component at a Time


Software Testing

Testing Approaches :

Testing Approaches Picture here Agile Testing Extreme Programming Behavior Driven Testing

Testing Types :

Testing Types Picture here IoT Testing Mobile Apps Testing BI & Big Data Testing Technology Specific Testing


Enter Multivariate Testing

What it Does :

What it Does Picture here Formalizes, checks and tests on the individual components rather than considering full pages Focuses on identifying the winning combination from a set of all possible combinations

Generating Accurate Results with Multivariate Testing :

Generating Accurate Results with Multivariate Testing Picture here Each test consumes a certain amount of traffic before appropriate results are received M ore traffic is required in multivariate software testing in contrast to A/B testing

Good Candidates for Multivariate Testing :

Good Candidates for Multivariate Testing Picture here Concurrent testing of visual elements & text on a given webpage Text & color testing of call-to-action button simultaneously


Multivariate Software Testing Vs. A/B testing Multivariate Software Testing A/B Testing Different versions of multiple elements are setup, which are combined with the help of a testing tool to eventually determine best possible combination Two or more versions of a complete webpage are compared to determine the better combination Effectively tests multiple variables simultaneously to arrive at the ideal solution Tests only one variable at a time Effective when existing landing page or website is to be optimized with minimal focus on redesign effort Effective when organization has evaluated multiple ideas to recreate a page and wishes to test them against one another Does not require full redesign, hence limited investment is required May require complete redesign, hence investment may be relatively more If implemented properly, first test run can yield desirable results and point towards the optimal combination Mostly, the first run will not give the best possible version the developers or testers are looking for Requires more traffic and real-time scenarios to generate appropriate test results and hence, the winning combination Requires relatively less traffic as compared to multivariate software testing


Types of Multivariate Testing

Full Factorial Testing :

Full Factorial Testing Picture here This is the most preferred type of multivariate testing It is done by giving equal justice to each component combination

Adaptive Multivariate Testing :

Adaptive Multivariate Testing Picture here This is a recent approach wherein user feedback is given importance Analysis is charted to determine best possible combination based on the real-time responses of website visitors

Fractional Factorial Testing :

Fractional Factorial Testing Picture here Only a certain number of component combinations are exposed to the site traffic Rest of the combinations undergo analysis to determine best conversion possibilities


To Be or Not to Be with Multivariate Software Testing Solutions

Challenges :

Challenges Picture here Website traffic that needs to be generated for test results The size of sample traffic needs to be projected in advance to ensure result evaluation happens

Benefits :

Benefits Picture here Large number of variations can be analyzed in limited time frame Enterprise level results have indicated better brand awareness


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