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Lead generation is no rocket science Having a clear plan and executing it with precision is all it takes. Knowing when and where to market your product is the key. Lead generation is a big challenge for people who are selling products and prospecting sponsors for their business. So where do you start and how do you get actionable leads This is an age old question that many marketers have faced. Here are some things you can do to get good quality leads that can lead to better conversions: · Being clear crystal clear about your target market It is very important to be crystal clear about the target group that one will be focusing on to sell their products and business plan to. This lets you get an idea of the mediums and more specifically the areas that need to be targeted for marketing. This is extremely important as the products that the MLM business will manufacture will appeal only to a certain section of the demography. So by not speaking to the right people you are simply wasting your time. It’s almost like shooting arrows in the dark. Another advantage that effective planning has is that it lets your co-workers friends and well wishers know about what our target is. You will be in a great position to receive some actionable leads from all the people who are invested in seeing you successful. This is a sure way to increase sales without spending a penny. · Writing blogs and maintaining personal websites Like any business having a personal equity is of utmost importance. By maintaining a good personal brand you automatically break the ice even before you meet that person. You are able to build a level of trust by sharing your experiences and tips online. You are easily the go-to person for prospective distributors in that MLM industry.

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Being the most knowledgeable and trustworthy person one can easily attract more leads to grow their business. One just needs to post one article per day and they can expect a good number of leads flocking to their site in a few months. Moreover having a face for your business ensures that your MLM business is not just another faceless entity that is serviced by call centres. Rather you are one of the few who is making an effort to reach out to the customers. Take for instance the case of Hubpages a blogging platform that gets a lot of internet traffic on a daily basis. This is very similar to guest blogging but the eyeballs that you get are a lot more. By writing engaging unique content one can easily build a big loyal fan base that is hooked to every word written by you. Similarly having Youtube videos to explain certain basic concepts about the functioning of MLM businesses helps soften the skepticism of certain sponsors. By making yourself available to the population in general you are welcoming a lot of leads for your work. · Online – social media Using social media for an online advertisement campaign is the best investment for getting more leads. The way the internet functions today is that you do anything online and Google Facebook have those specific advertisements related to your online behaviour ready for you whenever you access their sites. If a person has searched for successful MLM companies or businesses on Google or Facebook these social media companies place an advertisement of your MLM company on the next web page that this person visits. The exact ad placements will depend on your plan and advertising budget but this method ensures that your advertisements are shown only to the interested people. This gives you a higher return on investment as compared to other advertising mediums like TV radio or print where the audience composition is based mostly on the channel’s claims.

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· Trade fairs meetups networking events Trade fairs and events are regular places for like-minded people to meet interact exchange ideas and phone numbers. These are networking events to ensure that people interested in a particular line of business are able to connect with such businessmen. The good thing is that you are able to connect with prospective investors and distributors. Having a clearly defined target market lets you pick these events easily and scoop up interested distributors and sponsors easily. By visiting or sponsoring networking events your business usually gets good visibility in front of people who are looking to invest their time and money in an MLM business. This is like having your best foot forward to make a goal Having your products there lets individuals try your products and understand if selling them is something within their reach. And if that’s a yes you can easily prospect and convert them Networking events also let you connect with vendors who can assist you in the daily operations of your MLM business. These events help you in not just growing your MLM business but also making it’s functioning smoother. One very important vendor who influences the day to day running of your business is the MLM software provider. Having a good MLM software ensures that you get all the MIS management information systems reports in a jiffy without having the need to depend on your company accountants and finance team. MLM Software is one such software provider that specializes in designing software specifically for the MLM sector. Apart from providing the usual software solutions like inventory management OTP facilities for payments SMS blasters for instant network communication excel MIS reports etc their major differentiating factor is their ability to customize softwares and solutions as per the unique requirements of a business. This gives the MLM business the ability to see their data in the structure and format that they want to. With the allocation of a dedicated team for all your software requirements any software issue gets resolved immediately. This also gives you the freedom to modify the software in case your business model gets upgraded.

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Conclusion Generating leads is not as difficult as people think it is but working towards something without a plan is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Smartly planning your move and executing it with precision is sure to work in this regard and give you a edge over others.

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