Shopify Partner: How does the Shopify Partners Program operated?

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Shopify is one of the simplest platforms to start an eCommerce store, But to stand out of your competition is still the most challenging task. This is where they come to rescue. Here we have covered all the difficulties regarding Shopify partners. Why the Shopify partners exist? How does the partner program work? what is their importance? Please Go through this document to solve all your queries.


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What are the Shopify Partners How does the Shopify Partners program Work

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The Shopify presents the simplest way to create an e-commerce store. Due to its simplicity and reliable features 800000 stores around the globe are powered by Shopify. They have provided the easiest way to start an e-commerce store however successfully operating and growing an e-commerce store is not an easy task. At some point of the time you will surely need help from experts and thats where the Shopify partners and expert programs come in to play. Shopify Partners INTRODUCTION

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WHAT ARE THE SHOPIFY PARTNERS Using Shopify partner program they introduced a group of e- commerce designers developers and marketers. Using this program Shopify helps to establish a good business relationship between Shopify partners and the merchants who are using Shopify for their business. They can help merchants with all things associated with Shopify. Through this mutual relationship the merchants and partners both can grow their business and take it to the new heights. Shopify Partners

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HOW DOES THE SHOPIFY PARTNERS PROGRAM WORK Using the Shopify partners program one can earn money in several ways. Here we will explain how you can earn money by partnering with Shopify. Shopify will provide you a partner affiliate link. If a user buys a paid subscription of Shopify by clicking through your link you will get the twice of the money they pay. Using Shopify revenue sharing policy a partner can earn 20 of the revenue that Shopify earns from your client that you referred to Shopify. Shopify partners can also earn by selling custom apps and themes designed for Shopify apps and theme store. Shopify Partners

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WHAT ARE SHOPIFY PARTNERS AND EXPERTS The Shopify partners program is free to join. Shopify partners are the developers designers individuals or agencies who are generating revenue from the Shopify partner program. Yet Shopify experts have proven their track record with the clients. To become experts a Shopify partner needs to show a minimum of 5 successful custom Shopify e-commerce store development projects. Shopify experts are categorized into different categories according to their expertise in different categories like Shopify setup design development marketing and photography. Shopify Partners

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WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A SHOPIFY PARTNER The main advantage of being a Shopify partner is they can earn from the revenue that they helped Shopify to earn. And additional advantages like they have access to free training courses and in-depth documentation and other resources. It will help them learn a lot about Shopify. They will also have access to Shopifys insider information like previews of upcoming new Shopify features Shopifys product road map and Shopifys priority support for partners which provides quick solutions to all queries of partners or clients. Few more benefits like discounts on numerous software and services for business development product design testing and project development. And few more benefits are specially designed for Shopify experts. Shopify Partners

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ABOUT US Softpulse Infotech is one of the best Shopify experts in the market. We provide a one-stop solution for all Shopify needs. Over the experience of years we have designed and developed 150+ custom Shopify stores. Our team of professionals can create custom themes applications and templates for clients specific requirements. Take advantage of the our team of experts for your business. Check out our remarkable portfolio. Feel free to Get in touch with us for new design and development projects. Shopify Partners

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