Follow These 8 Easy Steps to Migrate from Magento to Shopify.

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Facing difficulties while Migrating from Magento to Shopify? Follow this step by step guide for hassle-free Shopify migration. Go through this document and start serving your customers with better services on the new platform.


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M a g e n t o t o S h o p i f y M i g r a t i o n A S t e p b y S t e p G u i d e f o r M i g r a t i o n

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Are you running an eCommerce store but not too satisfied with how your website is performing This is when you start wondering about migrating from one eCommerce platform to another one. As Shopify experts we believe Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms out there. E-commerce business is growing every day and hence demand for a good platform to start an e-commerce store is also growing day by day. A few years back Magento used to be a go-to platform for many online startups but these days trend is changing many e-commerce store owners are taking their business to Shopify. Web Agency Toronto

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W H Y S H O U L D Y O U M I G R A T E The first reason is Its hosted platform. Hence fewer worries about security hosting and web site slowdowns. The store is backed up by one of the best servers in the world. Moreover you won’t have to struggle with complex installation and software setup processes. These are the few reasons that many more to migrate Magento to Shopify like benefits a free trial SEO marketing features easy social media integration free SSL certificate top-notch customer support that works 24/7 many more with each plan these are the benefits that you only get from Shopify. Now that you have made up your mind to migrate from Magento to Shopify lets discuss this process step by step. Web Design Toronto

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S T E P 1 : G E T T H E R I G H T D E V E L O P M E N T T E A M For a complex task like Magento to Shopify migration Hiring the right developers is the most crucial part. You will find several developers in the market but hiring the best among them is the most challenging job. The developers will be your best friend during this whole migration process. Have a look at their overall experience in the field compare their reviews and testimonials check out their portfolio talk to them about your project and then make a final desition. Web Designers Toronto

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S T E P 2 : D E V E L O P T H E D A T A M I G R A T I O N S T R A T E G Y If you are using Magento for a long time then there should be some outdated information on your site that you should neglect. You may transfer all your product data customer information all your previous order history and status data. All the data that you decide to transfer should be redesigned to make it fit for the new web store. Now you can migrate your products over into the new store. The end process is straightforward. The web developers can help you a lot in this process. Web Design

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S T E P 3 : N A V I G A T I O N M I G R A T I O N Make sure your website is easy to navigate will ensure visitors won’t be affected by your move. Organize products into the collection while all these pages are simply through the type and size so that customers can easily find what they are looking for and perhaps even be encouraged to find more and other products. One more thing that you have to understand collection are the same as categories on the Magento platform so just build it similarly. Web Design Company

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S T E P 4 : W E B P A G E 3 0 1 R E D I R E C T S During the migration process there might be a risk of a drop in search engine rankings. Make sure when you transfer to Shopify most of the URLs will end up changing so it’s must important that you set up 301 redirects to map the old links to the new ones so visitors will be taken to your new website even when they are clicking on old links. Sometimes you may change a few URLs to optimize them for SEO. Web Agency Toronto

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S T E P 5 : C R E A T E B A C K U P O F Y O U R O L D S T O R E If the migration process doesnt go as planned you should keep the full backup of your Magento store. Please make sure that every custom details are stored along with standard information. You may take help from developers to help perform the beck up process. You may also enable maintenance mode on your site while migration. Hence your website visitors will see a "service temporarily unavailable" message when they visit your store instead of page/404 error message. Web Design Toronto

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S T E P 6 : D E V E L O P E S S E N T I A L I N T E G R A T I O N S I N T H E N E W S T O R E Your new web store will not look identical to your old one. Whether you are using a ready-made theme or designing a new theme from scratch there will be few front-end back-end adjustments. This completely depends on your business-specific requirements. You may need to develop integrations that may help you in your external system your back office administrative operations or in the accounting system of your business. Web Designers Toronto

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S T E P 7 : T E S T I N G Y O U R S I T E Carefully complete all the testing before launch. Make sure that everything is working accurately in your new store. Try to place a few orders all the way through the checkout option. Ensure that all the customer data is organized and presented properly. For high volume stores slowly transfer the traffic to lessen the data loss risk. Also make sure to install the analytics before launch so monitoring of the new store can be possible after launch. Web Design

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S T E P 8 : F I N A L L A U N C H Once everything seems fairly normal Select a suitable moment to make the complete switch. The quietest moment in the week would be suitable for this part. After launch have a clear idea about the store performance. It should be as expected on both front and back end. Web Design Company

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