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POLITICAL NEWS The government bureaucracy comprises traditional ministries, special agencies, and parastatalcompanies . The Ministry of Interior controls a system of regional governors and prefects modeled on the French system of local administration. https://www.elhourriya.net


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SPORTS The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a North African country located in the Maghreb region. It is one of the largest countries in Africa and as with most of Africa, Mauritania has been plagued with civil unrest for the most part of its history but one of the things that have brought the people together is sports. And when it comes to sports, Mauritania simply loves the football. Anything concerning football in the country is handled by the Federation de Foot-Ball de la Republic Isiamique de Mauritanie which was established in 1961 and became a member of FIFA ten years later. https://www.elhourriya.net


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