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Why Schedule pins on pinterest? More people will see your pins, it will save you time, and create more engagment and followers. Go to the blog post to get your step by step guide to one of the best scheduling tools for pinterest.


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I t will save you time! Rather than getting into a pinning frenzy, and half an hour turns into an can limit your time more effectively if you schedule pins. Y ou won't annoy your followers by clogging up their home feed with pictures of cats or wedding dresses

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Resulting in people getting really pissed-off, and un-following you, which is sad! You are more likely to get people to see your content if you drip feed it, especially if you schedule pins to go out at peak times.

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How Do You Schedule Pins? Check out the Blog post for your step by step guide to one of the best, and cheapest scheduling tools for pinterest . Click this Link to Read the Blog Post on Scheduling Pins on Pinterest

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