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When How I Met Your Mother premiered on CBS TV network on Sept 19, 2005, it had some pretty big shoes to fill. The network had telecasted the series finale of one of their most loved comedy show, Everybody Loves Raymond in May that year, which became one of the most watched series finale of all times with 32.9 million viewers.


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How I Met Your Mother:

How I Met Your Mother Complete Social Media Analysis Report

Our Objective:

Our Objective To analyze the social media presence of How I Met Your Mother To understand and evaluate the popularity of the show by analyzing social media conversations around the show


Methodology Search Definition: How I Met Your Mother, HIMYM Name of the 6 main characters (Including the mother) Key Terms popularized by show: The Bro Code, wait for it Duration: January 3, 2014 – January 31, 2014 Coverage: Geographical: Global Online: Social media, blogs, Video sharing sites and web in general.

About The Show:

About The Show Sitcom revolving around the life of Ted Mosby, his friends and his life journey to meeting the love of his life. The major show cast is as follows: Ted Mosby: Josh Radnor(Present Ted)/ Bob Saget (future Ted – voice only) Robin Scherbatsky : Cobie Smulders Barney Stinson: Neil Patrick Harris Lily Aldrin : Alyson Hannigan Marshall Erikson: Jason Segel The mother: Cristin Milioti The ninth season has 2 major plots. After 8 seasons of mystery, finally the mother has been revealed (name still a mystery). Barney and Robin are finally getting hitched.

Does TRP really tells the true story?:

Does TRP really tells the true story?

HIMYM: What We Found OUT?:

HIMYM: What We Found OUT? Social Media Analysis

HIMYM: The Highs and The Lows:

HIMYM: The Highs and The Lows

HIMYM Fans talk most on Sunday:

HIMYM Fans talk most on Sunday

Barney Stinson: That Guy’s Awesome:

Barney Stinson: That Guy’s Awesome Barney Stinson was the most popular character on the show, driving 35% of total conversation around the show. 63% of the conversations around the characters of the show were about Barney

Bro Code is Legen.. wait for it .. dary:

Bro Code is Legen.. wait for it .. dary Bro Code was more popular than the 5 main characters on the show (except Barney) combined. Total Mentions of Bro code exceeded combined mentions of Ted, Mother, Robin, Marshall and Lily

Mother Flops:

Mother Flops The unveiling of the biggest mystery for past 8 years, “The Mother” of HIMYM turned out to be a dud. Mother registered one fifth of the mentions of the Bro Code

The Bro Code – Article 1: “Bros Before Hoes”:

The Bro Code – Article 1: “Bros Before Hoes” Barney -Ted duo were mentioned together nearly 3 times more than Barney-Robin ( who are getting hitched in the final season) and Ted-Mother( the title couple of the show)

Lily is not blooming:

Lily is not blooming Lily became the least popular character on the show, mentioned in only 1.1% of the total conversations Even Barney’s catchphrase “Wait for it” got more mentions than Lily.

Top 3 Advocates:

Top 3 Advocates MeetatMacLarens   (HIMYM dedicated account of WGN America cable and satellite television channel) @ MeetatMacLarens Legen ... Dary @_ legen_dary _ HIMYM   (HIMYM’s official Twitter account) @HIMYM_CBS

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