The House on Mango Street

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“The House on Mango street” By: Caitlyn Duncan, Samantha Franco, Juan-Jose Vargas, Christian . Period.4

Identity : 

Identity “ We didn’t always live on Mango Street. Before that we lived on Loomis on the third floor, and before that we lived on Keeler, before Keeler, it was Paulina, and before that I cant remember. But what I remember most is moving a lot. Each time it seemed there’d be one more of us” pg.570

Dreams and Hopes : 

Dreams and Hopes “…We’d have a basement and at least three washrooms…our house would be white with trees around it, a great big yard and grass growing with out a fence “ pg.572

Health : 

Health “The water pipes broke and the landlord wouldn’t fix them because the house was too old. We had to leave fast. We were using the washroom from next door and carrying water over in empty milk gallons” pg.570

Home : 

Home “It’s small and red with tight steps in front and windows so small you’d think they were holding their breath. Bricks are crumbling, the front door is swollen, there is no front yard. Our back is a small garage for the car we don’t own yet” pg.572

Society and Class : 

Society and Class “ Once when we were playing on Loomis, a nun from my school passed by and saw me playing out front…where do you live? She asked; there I said, pointing up to the third floor. You live there? There, I looked up to where she pointed…you live there?...the way she said it made me feel like nothing” pg.572

Friendship/ Promising : 

Friendship/ Promising “ They always told us that one day we would move into a house, a real house that would be ours for always so we wouldn’t have to move each year”

Family : 

Family “Each time it seemed there’d be one more of us, by the time we go to Mango Street there were six- Mama, Papa, Carlos, Kiki, my sister Nenny, and me” pg.570

Poverty : 

Poverty “We had to leave the flat on Loomis quick…that’s why Mama and Papa looked for a house and that’s why we moved into the house on mango street, far away on the other side of town” pg.570

Forgiveness : 

Forgiveness “I knew then I had to have a house. A real house. One I could point to. But this isn't it. The house on Mango Street isn’t it. For the time being says Mama, temporary says Papa. But I know how those things go” pg.572

Anger/Sadness : 

Anger/Sadness “We don’t have to pay rent to anybody, or share the yard with the people downstairs, or be careful not to make too much noise and there isn't a landlord banging on the ceiling with a broom. But even so, it is not the house we thought we would get” pg.572

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