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The accelerated learning theory assumes that at-risk students have “learning gaps” in areas valued by schools and mainstream economic and social institutions. The program also assumes that remedial approaches fail to close these gaps because they don’t build on the students’ strengths and they don’t tap into the resources of teachers, parents, and the community.


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Learning approaches for kids :

Learning approaches for kids We are confident you will find that every lesson with Accelerate Learning will take your child a step closer to a bright future.

Faster Learning :

Faster Learning We use the most up-to-date resources and on-line learning technology from market leading educational companies.

learning approaches for children  :

learning approaches for children   We will help you achieve your desired results while igniting your child’s innate passion for learning so they can reach their full potential.


Accelerated learning is a collective term for a series of practical approaches to learning


Accelerated learning aims to create school success for all students by closing the achievement gap between at-risk and mainstream children

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