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A presentation describing the various kinds of energy.


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What is Energy? : 

What is Energy? Different Kinds of Energy

What is Energy? : 

What is Energy? The ability to make things move

Can you make things move? : 

Can you make things move? Then you have energy… …but there are seven different kinds of energy…

Chemical Energy : 

Chemical Energy What holds atoms in molecules together Can be released by chemical reactions like burning wood

Electrical Energy : 

Electrical Energy The movement of electrons through matter Electricity is a form of electrical energy

Heat Energy : 

Heat Energy The random motion, or vibration, of atoms in matter The faster the atoms vibrate the more heat energy they have

Light Energy : 

Light Energy The energy carried by light Yes, whenever you are looking at light, you are looking at energy

Mechanical Energy : 

Mechanical Energy The energy of moving things When you ride a bike you use mechanical energy

Nuclear Energy : 

Nuclear Energy Holds protons and neutrons together in an atom’s nucleus Powers the sun and nuclear power plants

Sound Energy : 

Sound Energy Vibrates air molecules The air molecules move tiny bones in your ear The message of sound then moves to your brain Can also vibrate objects

Energy can be changed from one form to another : 

Energy can be changed from one form to another Chemical energy in gasoline is changed to heat energy and then to mechanical energy in a car

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