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Bid or Buy?:

Bid or Buy? A comparison of eBay and Amazon Presented by Selena Turner


Website structure Privacy statement Customer service overview

Website Structure: ebay:

Website Structure: ebay Simple design and white space Clear links Images of items being sold Contrasted sale alerts Seasonal shopping

Website Structure: AMAZON:

Block images and clear contrast Website Structure: AMAZON Eye-catching images “Popular” items listed Clear links Descriptive wording

Privacy statement: EBAY:

Privacy statement: EBAY Customer service sidebar White space and additional help information Table with each section and its summary

Privacy statement: AMAZON:

Contrast and lots of detail Privacy statement: AMAZON Legal policies sidebar Bolded text for important information “Table of contents” links

Customer service: ebay:

Customer service: ebay Descriptive tabs Solutions to common problems Contact information links Simple and easy to understand

Customer service: amazon:

Customer service: amazon White space Repetition Condensed links for actions “How-to” pages Images and search bar


WEBSITE STRUCTURE Simple structures with tiled designs PRIVACY STATEMENT Helpful links and white space CUSTOMER SERVICE White space and descriptive links synopsis

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