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In the present era of comfort & consumerism, life style diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, obesity, coronary artery diseases, cancer etc. have become serious health problems.. And we can counter them by including WALKING/EXCERCISE as a daily routine. This ppt helps you understand its importance.


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Hard working Individuals like YOU,often ignore their own healthunder the pretext of time. : 

Dr. Sanjeev Shah Hard working Individuals like YOU,often ignore their own healthunder the pretext of time. Do you think you are doing justice to your work, your body or your family ? Diabetes and U

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. LIFE STYLE DISEASES The most common diseases afflicting today's executives.

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. LIFE STYLE DISEASES are caused by Many factors, many of which are under YOUR CONTROL Like Lack of EXERCISE, Excessive stress, Smoking, Alcohol, High calorie diet and Sedentary lifestyle..

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. Lack of exercise Sedentary life Smoking/alcohol High Calorie diet Stress Obesity High Cholesterol High Blood Pressure DIABETES &/OR HYPERTENSION &/OR CORONARY ARTERY DISEASES Diabetic complications Angina Heart Attack Family ? Expenses? Peace of Mind ? QUALITY OF LIFE ?

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. Only you can do something about it !!!! After all, it’s your life, it’s your family!!!

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. Prevent Life Style Diseases !!! Act Now… It is always better to take preventive action on such diseases like Heart Disease & Diabetes rather than taking action after it is too late What do specialists suggest ? Reduce Oil intake, Reduce Smoking Go slow on Alcohol Meditate, Exercise, Yogasanas, Pranayama Stress Management..

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. While all these can be helpful.. Due to the sheer plethora of solutions.. A busy person does not start off on any of these actions. But You CAN start with a simple step.. And that too.. From.. TODAY ONLY..

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. IN SHORT, WE CALL IT WALK TOWARDS BETTER LIFE Take a brisk walk for 20 minutes per day, Every day.. (and light exercise for half An hour, 4 times/week)

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. Numbers of studies have proved without doubt that.. WALKING is the best form of exercise that people of all ages can do. WALKING AND DIABETES – Regular walking decreases insulin resistance, improves glucose uptake by cells & burns extra calories WALKING AND SMOKING – Regular walking is a positive habit to replace smoking with.

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. WALKING AND BLOOD PRESSURE - Regular walking, by reducing your WEIGHT, makes your heart more efficient and improves blood circulation, makes Blood vessels more elastic and the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues increases. WALKING AND FITNESS – Regular brisk walking improves muscle tone and improves your CARDIO-RESPIRATORY RESERVE. Do it regularly for 20 minutes every day and enjoy that feeling of fitness from within.

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. WALKING AND STRESS – Walking is one easy way to deal with tension, anxiety and stress. Studies show that people who exercise regularly can cope better with stresses of life. Researchers have found a 14% average drop in anxiety levels in regular brisk walkers. Walking recharges our batteries after tension and stress have drained them of power and energy.

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. WALKING.. SIMPLEST, CHEAPEST, EASIEST EFFECTIVE & SAFE WAY TO FITNESS -Reduces Stress -Helps quit smoking -Strengthens the heart -Massages the legs -Strengthens the muscles -Reduces cholesterol -Improves blood circulation INCLUDE WALKING IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE.. 20 MINUTES EVERYDAY WALK TOWARDS BETTER LIFE

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah.

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. Defeat your DIABETES, Strengthen your heart & your health by Walking 20 minutes briskly every day.

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Dr. Sanjeev Shah. Hope You will start WALKING TOWARDS THE ROAD OF FITNESS & A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE FROM TODAY.. What about your friends ? Pass on this message to your loved ones and let them know how much you love them “WALK TOWARDS BETTER LIFE”

Diabetes and U.. : 

Dr. Sanjeev Shah. chale chalo 20 minutes a day Diabetes and U..

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