5 latest available oral appliances for Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Apnea is curable. All you need to do is regular checkup and to choose right oral appliance for yourself. Check out these five latest available oral appliances for treating Sleep Apnea.


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5 LATEST TREATMENTS AVAILABLE FOR SLEEP APNEA Sleep apnea is a serious problem among various sleep related disorders. So in case you or someone in relation to you is suffering from sleep apnea you should convince yourself or that person to get the treatment. Basically the treatment depends upon the type of sleep apnea patient is suffering from. Therefore it is very important to get diagnosed first and know the type. Only then the doctor will be able to select the right kind of treatment methods available. Overweight Smoking Alcohol Drugs Sleeping pills and Caffeine are few major causes of sleep apnea. So initially every doctor wants you to keep a check on all them. All you need to do is eat healthy food and avoid these harmful intakes as much as you can. Once you do it half of the job is already done. Then there are a few tips which you can follow before you go to sleep- - Always clear your nasal passages before sleeping. - Use cervical pillow to elevate you head. - Never sleep on your back. After that there are lots of new oral appliances for sleep apnea available in the market. Discuss your symptoms with your sleep specialist and get yourself an oral appliance like CPAP BPAP and ASV . CPAP Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure- It is the highly effective yet easy to use appliance for treating sleep apnea at obstructive level. It helps in boosting physical and the mental energy of the patient. You have to wear this mask over your mouth before sleeping. It constantly blows a stream of air which keeps your nasal passages open to breath. BPAP Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure- The device is the advanced version of CPAP in terms of features and functionality. Doctors recommended this device to the patients who suffer from central sleep apnea. The device can automatically adjust the air pressure required by your body. This unique feature makes this medical appliance better than a CPAP in treating sleep apnea. ASV Adaptive Servo Ventilation- Its the latest and the most effective therapy to treat both obstructive and central sleep apnea. It stores the breathing pattern of a patient to adjust the airflow pressure accordingly and prevent

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snoring. It has got three parameters which need adjustment according to the patients condition. Minimal and the maximal pressure support settings and the end-expiratory pressure. Other Oral Appliances: On the basis of mode of action or design variation there are two types of oral appliances available in the market Tongue Retaining Appliances- A suction bulb present in these devices holds the patients tongue to fall backward and prevents obstruction while breathing. Such appliances are easy to use and are easily available in the market. Mandibular Repositioning Appliances- These appliances prevent the mouth from opening by holding the lower jaw in a stable position during sleep. It helps in stimulating the muscle activity in the patients tongue by indirectly pulling it in the forward position. Its easy to apply and showing good results according to the patients feedback. Now you know almost all the latest available treatments for Sleep Apnea. So you can easily help any sleep apnea patient in choosing the suitable oral appliance. PRESENTED BY SNOREMAN INC www.snoremaninc.com

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