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Frakkas Scrap Metal Ltd is the leading Copper scrap suppliers in Japan We are factory owner, Direct Exporter and Supplier of Copper Millberry, Copper Cathode.


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Recycling has become very important in today’s world and society to help meet the goals of cost reduction , efficient management of limited resources and reduced landfill utilization. We are accustomed to reducing, reusing, and recycling paper and plastic but unfortunately most people don’t know that you can recycle metal as well


Recycling Scrap Metal Benefits the Environment Scrap metal recycling facilities are like mines above ground, rich with resources that can be re-used to preserve the environment, at a fraction of the cost to mine and refine metals from virgin ores.


Managing Energy Consumption and Energy Conservation When you recycle more metal, you tend to lessen the demand for natural resources. It also requires a lot less energy to process recycled metal than it does to mine virgin ore, purify and give it shape.


Energy Conservation The amount of energy that is saved using recycled metals compared to raw metals is: 92% for aluminum 90% for copper 56% for steel Recycling a single aluminum beverage, will help you save enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for more than 4 hours .


Economic Development Recycling will allow you as well as the government to save money in all the right places which will allow it to better spend the taxpayer’s money.


Tangible Economic Benefits The recycling industry is pretty labor intensive and contributes tens of billions of dollars to the country’s gross domestic product. A study by the Scrap Metal Recycling Institute found that nearly half a million jobs had been created by the scrap metal recycling industry alone. It is important that you understand that recycling jobs require a high level of skill and training. Wages within the recycling industry vary from employer to location. High wage states tend to pay more.


5. Price Adjustments One of the main reasons why you should recycle metal is because you will be able to save more money on it. If the majority of people can be convinced to recycle their metal rather than throw it away, this will result in a lower cost to produce metal items. This in turn will cost you less to purchase metal goods e.g. canned food Recycling of metal is contributing to the world and the environment in a positive way as it allows productivity as well as environmental sustainability as well.


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