Endangered and Endemic Species

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It is related to global environmental issues.


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Endangered and Endemic Species : 

Endangered and Endemic Species Save animals , Save world!


INTRODUCTION Endangered Species : Concept: The endangered species are those living organisms which are almost on the verge of extinction. Thousands of species of plants and animals are endangered and the number increases each year.

Causes for species becoming endangered : 

Causes for species becoming endangered

Effects On Nature : 

Effects On Nature Disruption of food chains and food webs. Their absence hampers national wealth. Affects national biodiversity. Ecological Imbalance.

Case study for endangered species : 

Case study for endangered species Kokkare Bellure, Karnataka: Pelican species – They need to be preserved because droppings of these fish eating birds are rich in nitrates which is a good fertilizer. PELICAN

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Leopard Asiatic Lion Deer Indian Tiger ENDANGERED ANIMALS The Great Indian Bustard

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Endemic Species : 

Endemic Species Concept : The concept of Endemism was first given by CANDOLLE. When a species is found only in a particular geographical region because of its isolation, soil and climatic conditions, it is said to be endemic.

Causes for Endemism : 

Causes for Endemism

Case study for endemic species : 

Case study for endemic species The Indian Desert: Mangrove Trees – Mangrove roots provide support to unstable soils and withstand currents and storms. Mangrove

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Black Buck Indian Rhinoceros Amigos Gibbon Endemic Animals

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Conifer Alpine Acacia Rhododendron Endemic Plants

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Conservation Techniques The steps for the conservation of the existing species are: Proper planning and management should be made to preserve wildlife in their habitat (in situ), and in zoos and sanctuaries (ex-situ). The feeding, breeding and nursing of the species should be safeguarded. Establishment of sanctuaries and national parks with optimum living conditions is necessary. Proper legislative and administrative measures should be taken to regulate international trade of the species.


OBJECTIVES OF OUR PROJECT To create awareness as regards animal and plant wealth. To arouse interest among masses about biodiversity conservation. And lastly, playing our own role as a part of the environment.

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