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Abhinav Outsourcing is one of the Best Visa Immigration consultants providing Pr visa, Immigration for canada ,Australia and others.


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Immigrate For A Better Future  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Contents 1. About ABHINAV 2. Why ABHINAV 3. Australia Permanent Resident Visa 4. Canada-Federal Skilled Worker Program 5. Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program 6. Immigration Assessment 7. Contact Us  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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About Abhinav • Founded by an Industry Icon and Pioneer Ajay Sharma • Trusted Referred and Respected since 1994 • Team having more than 500 years of combined INDUSTRY experience • Immigration consulting provided for 15 countries • Services offered for over 50 Residency and non-residency worldwide visa options for skilled business as also Investor categories • Serves Individuals Corporates and international Law firms • Executes legal outsourcings mandates on all major US visa categories from Corporates and law firms • Offers business consulting for establishing overseas businesses • Having E-commerce enabled facilities to service clients across the world • Hundreds of thousands counseled since Inception • Top Service at affordable fee ensures value for money for our clients • Well located offices with up-to-date Infrastructure and client friendly facilities and international associates • Clients gets serviced by an organization as against majority of industry businesses which are one man shows • Integrity and values policy that is an industry benchmark  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Why Pick ABHINAV as Your Immigration Advisor 1 Started way back in 1994 ABHINAV is amongst global pioneers in the Visa consulting. 2 ABHINAV website is amongst world most visited Visa focussed website. 3 Majority of ABHINAV clients’ sign from word-of-mouth reference of thousands of past and current clients. 4 Ajay Sharma-founder principal consultant of ABHINAV-is amongst the pioneers of visa consulting and is well known and respected by worldwide visa fraternity and is easily assessable to all stakeholders. 5 ABHINAV is known for in-time response results and transparency in dealings. Contract of engagement is made available to a prospective client prior to payment and thus the client knows the terms of engagement with our company. 6 ABHINAV offers services of authorised representatives for our clients who take up our services of Canadian Immigration. This is in direct contrast to most others in the market who are mere documentation companies with NO authority to represent clients interests with any government agency or department They only prepare and dispatch the file and after that leave the client to fend for self for rest of the process. Do ask this question of others consulting and then compare ABHINAV services industry standing and pricing. Then there are companies whose advertisements and websites mention that they have licensed representative and agents on board but do not offer services after the clients have paid up 7 Clients get RESPONSE from ABHINAV whatever be the situation and if that does not happen the matter is escalated–-first to the COO and then to the CEO-–within no time 8 ABHINAV has a very able and experienced back-office process team. This is important because for life-changing decisions you should not be dealing with rookies. 9 ABHINAV consulting fee is reasonable for what we bring on the table for our clients. You get top international services at fair prices. 10 Being in immigration consulting business since 1994 gives ABHINAV knowledge and understanding through precedents of earlier applications. We learn through failures and successes and apply that knowledge for the effective management of the present and future files. And this is very helpful to our clients. Interested in hiring services of one of the oldest trusted and most referred consulting companies Just send your and if applicable spousal as well updated resume to for a free assessment of your profile. Do it right NOW  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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About Australia Skill select immigration regime Australia Skill select is a major tool that has made elementary changes in the functioning of skilled immigration regime. We can justifiably term implementation of this new platform as overhaul of complete skilled migration system. Implemented on July 01 2012 it strives to completely change the way the Australian authorities look for immigrants. This new and ambitious immigration initiative is Aussie Labor pool demand centric and would help the authorities effectively address structural deficiencies based on Skilled Occupation List in country’s labor market to a great extent. Immigration authorities would now also be to control the influx of the professionals and trained workers through skilled immigration route as per the needs and demands of states government agencies domestic industries and sectors. It would also help the states and regions to locate qualified people with suitable profiles for nominations and settlement in regional parts of the country. How Australia Skill Select immigration regime works Skill select is a platform for skilled immigrants that will function similarly to a pre-stored database of the talent and skills. An Expression of Interest EOI document will play pivotal role in the functioning of this system. This document will be created free of charge by the aspiring immigrants for skilled migration based on the nominated skills in skilled occupation list SOL or business investment in form of a profile that will be stored on the skill select platform for a period of 2 years. There will be certain preliminaries that will have to be completed before a candidate creates a profile in the EOI pool:  Getting his skills assessed from the designated evaluation agency    Proving English linguistic skills through appropriate language test as   IELTS.  The profile created will be stored on this system for a period of 2 years or till the applicant receives and invitation to file application for visa. The application will lapse if the applicant is not chosen within 2 years of the filing of the EOI application. The immigration agencies employers and the regional governments will be able access the database of the applicants opting for employer sponsored visa and state nomination. Those selected can file for immigration application.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. The independent skilled migration will rely on the point based evaluation of a profile and qualified profiles securing minimum cutoff mark will be ranked according to the marks secured by a particular profile. Quite obviously highest ranked profiles – filed in the EOI pool - will get more attention and priority in the invitation process. After each round of the invitation process a new minimum cut-off mark will be hence announced for the convenience of the applicants and new invitations sent accordingly. One of the major advantages expected of this system is substantially reducing the processing times of an application which will help the Department of Immigration and citizenship to weed out deadwood and focus on practical and workable profiles. Skilled Independent Sub-Class 189 Visa Skilled Independent Sub-Class 189 Visa is meant for the professionals and tradespersons willing to apply under independent stream of skilled immigration to Australia. This visa is available only though invite. The process for this visa section starts with submission of expression of interest – EOI in skill select platform. This EOI application is filled with information that includes but is not limited to positive skills assessment and required IELTS score. The EOI submission relies on the exploring of the relevant occupation indicated in Skilled Occupation List – SOL. Skilled – Nominated Sub-class 190 visa Skilled – Nominated sub-class 190 visa is for the aspirants sponsored by a state/province of Australia. The first step to avail such a visa is to create a profile on skill select platform through expression of interest – EOI. The EOI will be created in accordance with the availability of the trade in skilled occupation list – SOL. This category relies on nomination by an Australian state for a particular trade. You can file EOI application with valid and positive skills assessment and required IELTS score. Skilled – Nominated or sponsored Provisional Sub- class 489 visa Nominated or Sponsored provisional Sub-Class 489 Visa is a temporary entry permission that is available on endorsement of your candidature either by a provincial/state authority or by a qualified relative defined and deemed as eligible for sponsorship. Proceedings for this visa are initiated by creation of a profile by way of expression Of Interest – EOI on skill select platform. EOI can be created for an occupation indicated in skilled occupation list – SOL. EOI must also indicate you preference of state you wish to be nominated by or details of relative you wish to be sponsored by. In case you do not choose any specific state your details will be available for access to all provincial authorities.

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Employer nomination scheme Sub-class 186 Employer Nomination Scheme Sub-class 186 visa is for overseas workers and for migrant workers already residing in Australia on temporary visa. This is part of permanent employer nomination scheme Business innovation and investment Provisional Sub-class 188 visa Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Sub-class188 visa is part of Australian Business innovation and investment program aimed at boosting the business scenario in various parts of the country thereby generating economic benefits for the domestic economy. This visa is available on invitation only. The proceedings for this visa are initiated by creating a profile through Expression of Interest –EOI on Skill Select platform under business innovator or Investor categories. You can indicate the states you want to choose or leave the option open to be picked up by any province as per their requirements Business innovation and investment Residence Sub-class 888 visa Business Innovation and investment Residence subclass – 888 Visa is a second stage visa of business innovation and investment program. Australia Sub-class 457 visa Australia Subclass 457 visa is temporary entry permission for the migrants who have been sponsored by an Australian employer to work in a trade endorsed by authorities. An employer can nominate an overseas worker for trades where they are unable to source requisite expertise from local market. Business Talent Migrant Sub-class 132 visa Business Talent Migrant Sub-class 132 visa is available by invitation only. The proceedings to obtain this visa are initiated by creating a profile through an Expression of interest – EOI on Skill select platform. While filing an EOI choice of sponsoring state can be indicated.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Australia Permanent Resident Visa ABHINAV consulting Fee Plan The chargeable consulting fee differs for each case and is dependent on specific applicable circumstances. On receipt of your and where applicable the spousal profile our business managers will review it and applicable fee will be quoted.  Consulting fee Payment can be made in USD or equivalents on local currency    Taxes extra as applicable.  Optional MARA agent services and payment Pay AUD 3000 and take services of a registered MARA agent for processing of your application under the skilled Migration programs Skills assessment and Government application fee  Skills assessment Non-refundable - AUD 350 to 1030    Government application fee Non-refundable  Processing Fee for Principal Applicant AUD 3600 Processing Fee for spouse AUD 1800 Processing Fee for Per Child Under 18 Years AUD 900 1. Foreign exchange rate is subject to change. 2. Skills assessment fee is dependent on the assessing body 3. All fee subject to change without notice  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Canada – Immigration options Canada is one of the richest and the largest countries in the world offering state of the art facilities to all its residents and citizens. The country has always welcomed professionals and people of foreign origin with open arms. The Canadian government considers its immigrant population as an asset which has led to the development of its economy. The country and the provinces have set many different migration options. These programs are one of the oldest and most popular. Most of these visa options cater to Permanent Resident status for the immigrants from the first day of landing. The visa programs include the following:  Skilled Migrant Visas  o Federal Skilled Professional Program o Quebec Skilled Migrant program o Canada Provincial Nominee Programs for skilled professionals  Programs for investor and businessmen    o Quebec Immigrant investor program o Canada Provincial Nominee Programs for businessmen and investors  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Express Entry Canada 2015 for Federal Skilled Workers – Key Features With effect from 1st January 2015 Canadian Government has introduced a new process for selection of skilled professionals and tradespersons wishing to immigrate to Canada and live and work in Canada as a permanent Resident. The new Canada skilled immigration selection process introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and called Express Entry to Canada has generated a lot of excitement and rightfully so. Thankfully with announcement of Express Entry points under comprehensive Ranking system CRS and Express entry application process the applicants can start filing their applications to be filed under Federal Skilled worker Class for immigration to Canada. Our opinion and view is that this opens door for immigration to Canada for interested Candidates like never before. Here are key features of the Canada Express Entry Program: • The Express entry program EEP to Canada changes the selection process and not selection criteria for migrants wanting to settle down in Canada as a skilled worker. So now the applicants can apply for immigration to Canada only after they are invited to apply ITA under federal skilled worker program by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. • EEP has an additional stage whereby applications are lodged into a Pool. The application stay in the pool for a year. Interested candidates need to re-enter if they continue to be interested and if they did not receive the ITA during the one-year period while the application was in pool. • Canada express entry comprehensive ranking system CRS is applied to applications submitted and acknowledged in the pool. Under the CRS it is beneficial in case of married applicants for both the spouses to offer their IELTS and WES report summaries. • Candidates filing the on-line express entry form are asked to provide information related to his qualifications experience occupation Language skills Canadian Education Canadian Experience Spousal language skills as also presence of any blood relations in Canada – whichever is applicable. The on-line express entry form also asks queries related to their preference as regards the province in which they wish to settle down.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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• After the application is filed and accepted into the express entry pool the candidate is issued a personal reference number. Using this number he can submit his profile into the Canada job Bank. These profiles are open for assess of Canadian Employers and provinces. The employers can select the ones that they like and issue a confirmed offer. Likewise the provinces can nominate a chosen candidate and nominate him under the provincial quota. Either way the candidate gets additional points which enhances his possibility of being selected from the pool. • So starting point is getting into the pool and rest will follow. Almost everyone has a chance of being getting a Canada permanent residence visa • Regular draws are being taken from the pool and candidates appearing higher in the ranking in the pool will be selected. It is NOT A MUST that a candidate has confirmed job offer from a Canadian Employer to be eligible to get an invite to apply ITA for PR visa. In fact applications without a job offer or any kind of Canadian credential are being regularly accepted from the pool since the program inception. • An express entry draw is a highly transparent process and announcements are made about the date of draw the cut-off rank and the number of candidates who are picked out of pool. The basis for selection from the express entry pool is comprehensive Ranking system CRS. • Under Express entry program Candidates under majority of occupations are now eligible for filing the application under the federal skilled worker program. This is a marked shift from Canadian Skilled Immigration policy of recent years whereby limited number of occupations was opened for applications every year. In addition there used to be quotas’ attached to number of applications that could be filed under each of the permitted occupation under federal skilled worker program. All that has changed under the Canada Express Entry. There are no per occupation quotas’ to deal with – only annual quotas for skilled category is what you need to watch out for Things cannot get more liberal. • Candidates chosen form the express entry pool must ensure that they meet the federal points based selection criteria of 67 and also document checklist requirements. He will then be asked to indicate which of the economic class migrant programs he is making the application under – Federal Skilled Worker Class Canadian Experience Class Canada Foreign Tradesperson class. Interested Contact us to get eligibility assessment for the purpose and forward us yours’ and if applicable spousal resume for immediate assessment and further advise on FSW eligibility and ranking in CRS for the purposes of express entry pool.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Important Information web-Links We strongly recommend that you visit the following links for detailed information on key aspects of Canada Express entry Program: • Express Entry- Comprehensive Ranking System CRS entry-comprehensive-ranking-system-criteria.aspx • Express Entry Visa Application Process and Waiting Period and-waiting-period.aspx • Express Entry - job bank job-bank.aspx • Express Entry - Provincial Nomination provincial-nomination.aspx • Canada FSW selection Criteria - Point System skilled-worker-fsw-selection-criteria.aspx • Canada Express Entry Eligibility occupation List – 2015 • Canada Express Entry – Frequently asked questions • Resume Preparation and Promotion Services RPPS promotion-services.aspx Interested Contact us to get eligibility assessment for the purpose and forward us yours’ and if applicable spousal resume for immediate assessment and further advise on FSW eligibility and ranking in CRS for the purposes of express entry pool.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Why Starting Your Immigration Process Under Express Entry Program immediately and without delays is more important than 1 By now it is known that candidates without job offers and provincial nominations are also getting picked up from the express entry pool. The cut-off rank came down from 800 plus to 431 at one stage. It is likely that it may slip down further in coming draws. Those who waited to file because they did not had offers are regretting that they did not submit their profiles earlier Many who took the chance of filing into the pool got an invite So remember it is advantage those whose applications are lodged into the pool. 2 Even those having score of 300 plus in CRS ranking and whose application is acknowledged in the express entry pool have a chance of being accepted As mentioned earlier once filed into the pool and databank the candidates profile becomes assessable to employers and provinces. If offered a job or nominated by the province he gets another 200 points for arranged employment and 600 points for Provincial nomination. These bonus points when added to 300 plus points take his score to 900 plus and almost an assured selection from the pool draw with provincial nomination and with job offered his score to 500 increases chances for nomination in express entry pool. So taking a chance of filing into the express entry pool at the earliest makes lots of sense. Remember that only the applications filed into the pool have a chance of being picked up by employers or provinces So please do not waste any more time by delayed filing into the express entry pool. Fortune favors those who take chances that others hesitate to take Why are you waiting for others to take advantage of not many applications in the pool and getting picked up just because they happen to be in the pool 3 And why wait when one can submit your application into the express entry pool at NO charge So to do submission the candidate needs to give IELTS and ECA but then that was previously required as well – even before express entry program was introduced. So what has changed Nothing. So why wait and not start the process with ABHINAV and retain ABHINAV services immediately We shall work on other file formalities while you are busy getting IELTS score and ECA reports. All this means saved time which in turn determines how soon you will be picked up from the pool. 4 So express entry program has provisions whereby selection decision on the applications has shifted to the express entry pool draw and thus choice has shifted to citizenship and immigration Canada. But what is the big deal about it Will it mean that quotas for skilled immigrants will not be filled up or others will be selected on some separate set of procedures And if one is really interested in migrating to Canada as a skilled professional then what choice does he have except to file for express entry It is unlikely that the skilled worker immigration process will not be changed in near time again.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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5 Immigration for skilled professionals amongst English Speaking Developed Countries on point is primarily open only for Australia Canada Denmark and Hong King. It’s also open for New Zealand but the country is too small with limited and has limited employment opportunities for workers and professionals. European countries require knowledge of country language and in most instances a work permit before one can become a permanent resident. So if Australia and Canada are the preferred destinations and one is interested in migrating out of India then is there any other option but to apply for one of these two countries Please understand that skilled immigration programs of both these countries are based on expression of interest and require invite to apply. Then why wait and why should you not go ahead and file for Canada express entry or Australia Expression of interest program without delays None of the countries is going to change their selection process to suit candidates who wish to wait And once a decision to file the application is made then is there a company better placed to manage the immigration application then ABHINAV Answer is an emphatic NO. 6 ABHINAV’s experience in immigration consulting since 1994 from past filings and schemes is that those who are prepared with most of the documents are the likely to succeed in getting the visa. Those getting an invite to apply from the express entry pool must file the next stage of on- line application – complete with all documents – within 60 days of getting the invite Process executive at Abhinav ensures that files of our clients are ready to meet all requirements at short notice and almost immediately on receipt of ITA. 7 Abhinav’s optional RPPS Resume preparation and promotion services complements our client’s efforts in getting noticed with Canadian employers and provinces and enhancing their prospects of getting additional points under the CRS. 8 Last but not the least please remember there are always going to be limited annual quotas’ for skilled immigrants So starting point is NOT to wait You should start your process for immigration to Canada immediately and without delays using ABHINAV services. Submit your and if married spousal profile immediately get assessed and registered with ABHINAV sign an agreement pay our fee and get into the express entry pool Amongst the most referred trusted and experienced immigration consulting companies we are best suited to service your immigration plans – now or in future. Interested Simply mail your and if applicable spousal resume to for a free of charge assessment. Or simply fill-up on-line form to submit your profile with ABHINAV  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Authorized Representative: Mr. Yvon Guérin At ABHINAV your application will be prepared by a team of trained documentation executives in consultation with a Canada Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC. He is a well-experienced immigration industry veteran who meets the specific requirements to represent our clients with various Canadian immigration government departments and agencies represents ABHINAV clients for Canada Immigration. He is based at Montreal Canada. Mr. Yvon Guerin’s RCIC Membership Number is R411407 and his Quebec Membership number is 11067. Mr. Yvon Guerin’s employment and professional career spanning almost 40 years includes more than 20 years in the field of Canadian Immigration. Mr. Guerin worked with Government of Quebec - Ministry of Immigration as an immigration counselor for almost 10 years and during the period his profile and work areas can be summarized as follows: • Responsibilities abroad: Immigration manager in Hong Kong Beirut and Rome in Paris manager of North Africa head officer in Buenos Aires Sao Paolo Rome and Damascus. • Responsibilities in Montreal: Manager of Refugee department Manager of ministerial cases department sponsorship department Training of new counselors Manager of Middle East zone. Mr. Yvon Guerin brings a lot on table for Canada destined applicants and he has entered into an agreement with ABHINAV for representing ABHINAV applicants with various Canadian Immigration offices.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Canada-Federal Skilled Worker Program – Government fee HIGH COMMISSION FEE NON- RFEUNDABLE APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE Principal Applicant CAD 550 Spouse and each dependent child above 19 years CAD 550 Each Child below 19 years CAD 150 REFUNDABLE RIGHT OF LANDING FEE IF APPLICATION IS REFUSED Principal Applicant CAD 490 Spouse CAD 490 1. All Government fee are subject to change without notice 2. Check on precise applicable fee amount in local currency from our staff. 3. Foreign exchange rate keeps on changing and therefore please check the latest exchange rate while planning your budget. 4. Do budget for additional expenses towards ABHINAV Consulting fee IELTS tests ECA Educational credential assessment couriers photocopy Notary translations etc. ABHINAV Consulting Fee Plan: The chargeable consulting fee differs for each case and is dependent on specific applicable circumstances. On receipt of your and where applicable the spousal profile our business managers will review it and applicable fee will be quoted.  Consulting fee Payment can be made in USD or equivalents on local currency    Taxes extra as applicable.   8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Business Migration Programs Canada offers good permanent residency programs for businessmen and investor who are planning to invest and/or do business in Canada and make Canada their home. In order to gain permit the applicant must invest in the Canadian economy and comply with various terms and conditions posed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The programs currently open for Immigration to Canada for  Quebec Immigrant investor program    Canada Provincial Nominee Programs for businessmen and investors  Quebec Immigrant Investor Program The province of Quebec in Canada has its own set of policies as per the Canada – Quebec Accord. In order to apply the applicant should have had at least 2 years of previous experience out of the last 5 years in managing in any form of business. The staff in his business should occupy at least 2 fulltime employment positions. The investor must have minimum net assets of C 1600000 acquired lawfully. He must invest an amount of C 800000 and sign an agreement with a financial intermediary which is government recognized. This investment is for the duration of 5 years. Post investment the applicant must acquire a Quebec Selection Certificate without which his application would not be processed further. It is not mandatory for the applicant to have good French and English language skills. Factors such as age and education are of little relevance under this program as well. With this the applicant is not obliged to participate in any form of active business or seek an employment. Thus the immigrant has the advantage to even spend the rest of his life in retirement post immigration or live on passive investment. If the candidate qualifies he would be granted an unconditional Permanent Residence. Post landing this visa has no conditions attached for the principal applicant or his family.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Canada Business Provincial Nominee Programs The main purpose of this program is to ensure that there is a balanced growth and development in the Canadian economy. Based on the potential of the business an applicant can select the appropriate province or territory to invest. Most of the Canadian provinces have their own Provincial Nominee programs including Manitoba British Columbia and Nova Scotia amongst others. The biggest advantage here is the priority in processing for the application sent under this program. This would ensure faster visa issuance than the usual processing time. However major terms and conditions do apply for prospective and successful applicants under these programs. CANADA BUSINESS PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM Make Financial Conduct an Deposits where Exploratory required Visit Apply to the specific provincial authorities Issuance of a Selection Certificate Submit application with the relevant documentation and the selection certificate at the applicant’s country of origin/country of residence/nearest CIC branch Background check on the information documents provided by the applicant Request made for the If found in submission of passport order Medical/Security for visa stamping Clearances 8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program Quebec Skilled Worker program has been devised under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration. Skilled and self employed professionals not qualifying under federal skilled worker program but keen on immigrating to Canada should seriously get their profile assessed under the Quebec skilled worker program. ABHINAV is the ONLY immigration consultancy agency in Asia that has managed applications under Quebec Skilled Programs since last many years. Eligibility:  Age of applicant and where applicable spouse AND children Quebec skilled program is one of the few programs that offers credits for children and their age    Qualifications of applicant and where applicable of spouse   English Language skills of applicant and where applicable of spouse   French language skills of applicant and where applicable of spouse    Where applicant does not know French language his willingness to learn French language    Area of experience  ABHINAV consulting Fee Plan: The chargeable consulting fee differs for each case and is dependent on specific applicable circumstances. On receipt of your and where applicable the spousal profile our business managers will review it and applicable fee will be quoted.  Consulting fee Payment can be made in USD or equivalents on local currency    Taxes extra as applicable.   8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Immigration to Canada through Quebec Skilled Worker Program NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE – QUEBEC APPLICATION: Principal Applicant CAD 779 Spouse CAD 167 Each Child CAD 167 FEDERAL STAGE HIGH COMMISSION FEE NON- RFEUNDABLE APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE Principal Applicant CAD 550 Spouse and each dependent child above 19 years CAD 550 Each Child below 19 years CAD 150 REFUNDABLE RIGHT OF LANDING FEE IF APPLICATION IS REFUSED Principal Applicant CAD 490 Spouse CAD 490 1. All Government fee are subject to change without notice 2. Check on precise applicable fee amount in Indian Rupees from our staff. 3. The foreign exchange rate keeps on changing and therefore please check the latest exchange rate while planning your budget.  8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Immigration Assessment To check which immigration option is best suited for you kindly send the following to for appropriate advice.  Your updated resume    If married provide the resume for your spouse as well    If applicable please provide information on children and their age    Information on any blood relatives residing in Australia Canada. This is not a compulsory requirement to qualify for immigration but serves as additional positive assessment factors for various countries. If yes please also advise on the state/city of their stay. For example Toronto Canada Sydney Australia and so on.    Have you or your spouse at any time during qualification or work learned French or any other foreign language This is not a compulsory requirement but serves as additional positive assessment factors for various countries.   8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.

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Contact Us Bangalore Unit 105 Ground Floor Prestige Meridian - II M.G. Road Bangalore - 560 001 India Phone. No : 0-8595338595 Email: Branch Offices Hyderabad 608 6th Floor Shangrila Plaza Road Number 2 Opposite KBR Park Banjara Hills Hyderabad Telangana 500034 India. Phone. No : 0-8595338595 Email: Mumbai Trade Center 2nd Floor Office no - 214/215 Above VFS BKC Bandra- East Mumbai - 400051 India Phone. No.: 0-8595338595 Email: 8595338595 Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Office Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. 307 3rd Floor Devika Tower Building No.6 Nehru Place New Delhi - 110019 India Ph. No: 0-8595338595 Fax: 011-4155-2514 Email:

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