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Point of Sale in the Cloud:

Sarah Neergaard Point of Sale in the Cloud

What is Point-of-Sale?:

Patented in 1976, originally consisted of one or more keyboard terminals and associated cash drawers in communication with a control chassis having a micro-computer, a printer, and power supply Today, Point-of-Sale systems can include QR (Quick Response) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) code scanners, biometric technology, and wireless checkout systems. Started as Local Area Networks, retail chains spread to using Wide Area Networks. Today you can use a cloud-based system to avoid hardware purchases. What is Point-of-Sale?

Requirements Assessment:

Requirements Assessment

An ideal system will need to have::

An ideal system will need to have: Ability to work both online and offline Have a backup system available to prevent data loss if network goes down Monthly service fee Minimal Processing time Organize stock and ordering, provide information on buying trends, create labels, easy data import Paper free options at checkout (emailed receipts) Allow store managers to monitor and manage various locations from a single console Maintain a secure system including firewalls and encryption for credit card transactions Ability to work on mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones Have scanners that work for UPC, QR and RFID Codes Ability to adapt to new security technologies such as biometrics

What is Cloud Computing?:

What is Cloud Computing?

Hardware and Software:

Hardware and Software

Security in the Cloud: Biometrics and More:

Security in the Cloud: Biometrics and More

So what does a total cloud system look like?:

So what does a total cloud system look like?

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