5 Amazing Ideas to Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Boring

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5 Amazing Ideas to Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Boring Have you ever sat through hours at a wedding wondering when will the show be over and the food be served Have you copiously snacked just to keep yourself busy during the entire ceremony Have you snuck away to a quiet corner in order to avoid your relatives If you have answered these questions affirmatively you have been to a really boring and traditional Indian wedding. Weddings in India usually bring out a party-all-night kind of vibe and have an atmosphere of fun. But people start to get bored after a few hours especially if the wedding is filled with one too many faux pas. Here are some wedding entertainment ideas to ensure your ceremony is yawn-free: 1. Stick to The Schedule No one expects things to run with military precision especially with an Indian wedding management system. But you dont want your guests to roam ideally around while you are posing for wedding photos. This is where the cocktail hour comes into play set up a lounge or a courtyard for your guests where they can chat mingle and equip the area with plenty of snacks and drinks. You can set the mood with a little music in order to keep the party atmosphere alive. Also ensure that the seating arrangement is comfortable and people dont go around standing and looking for places to sit all over the venue. 2. Dont Let Your Guests Go Hungry Two most important words for a wedding party: hors doeuvres. Even if you plan on serving a full buffet it is a good idea to have a few nibbles for your guests to nosh on

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while they wait for the bride to make an entrance lest you want your guests to get bored and cranky. You can go for amuse-bouche one-bite appetizers like gol-gappas mini empanadas tacos paneer tikka etc. Make your guests feel refreshed during the ceremony and dont let them go hungry. If you don’t want to take all this pain and make your life simpler consider hiring a wedding planner online. Scout the internet for online wedding planner websites they can help you a great deal to plan your special day and take the burden off your shoulders. 3. Bring in The Entertainment Remember that over-smart magician from your 10th birthday Your wedding entertainment ideas should not include anything like that. The options for wedding entertainment span from super-cool DJs to dancers and singers these people are pros at making sure that weddings are not boring. You can also include other forms of entertainments like photo-booths to keep your guests entertained and do not forget about the kids unless you want them in a cranky mood that spoils all the fun. Make sure to get something especially for them like temporary tattoos balloons and jumping castles. 4. Think Beyond Wedding Cake Wedding cakes are a staple but still consider expanding the options for those with a sweet tooth. Do not underestimate the power of dessert. Experimenting and planning in advance arranging tasting sessions and communicating with your vendor will go a long in helping you pick something that works well for everybody at the wedding. You can set up a full dessert bar with everything from delicious pies to cupcakes and candies. The dessert bar can make your wedding a big hit since most people especially Indians love sweets. You can include Indian sweets as well like gulab jamun jalebi halwa for the oldies and of course ice-cream for the kids. 5. Involve Family in the Games Its your wedding no one can steal your thunder. But it just so happens that sometimes your guests might feel left out when you are involved in the wedding shenanigans. It might be a good idea to plan some icebreakers for your family and friends some good old charades or you can also go opt for something unique like a couples game or a stand-up comedy show. Relax —Seriously Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful but when the day comes everyone has more fun if you overlook little mishaps that are bound to occur at some point during the ceremony. Think about it are you able to enjoy yourself at a party where the host is incessantly on edge So delegate last-minute tasks to a bridesmaid a friend or a wedding planner and make sure they ply you with a cocktail or two. And remember behind every successful event there is hours and hours of planning and relegating smaller tasks to family and friends who are willing to help. Whatever you decide

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just DON’T stress out. Its your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest for you won’t get another opportunity.

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