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In this presentation you will read about the Criminal Defense Attorney who helps people in their legal issues. For more details Visit our website.


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About Us Criminal Defense Attorney Phoenix AZ at the Law Offices of Howard A. Snader, LLC has many years of criminal law experience to protect clients against all types of criminal charges. Howard A. Snader is a former prosecutor, and for more than 30 years he has fought for the rights of others. He is an accomplished litigator and will provide you the best trial possible.

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Criminal Defense Attorney at Howard A. Snader, LLC defend clients against all types of charges, including drug crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes, homicide, aggravated assault, domestic violence or other crime. Our criminal lawyer has experience and in-depth knowledge gives our clients an edge over the prosecution. If you are facing criminal charges, call a criminal defense attorney phoenix az. Criminal Defense Attorney

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Practise Areas : Domestic Violence Sex Crimes Violent Crimes Drug Crimes DUI or DWI Theft and Property Crimes White Collar Crime Probation Violations

PowerPoint 演示文稿: Contact Us: Address: 5070 N 40th St #135 Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA Phone: 602-603-4085

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