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Buy Hawaiian Li Hing Mui Candy from Hawaiian candy store online including Li hing mui drops, strawberry belts, rainbow belts, gummy bears and many more. Make it a delicious addition to your sweet dish and enjoy your snack. Get the largest collection of li hing mui candy online today! For more Li Hing Mui Candy visit our website


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Li Hing Mui Candy

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Li Hing Mui Drops Li Hing Mui candies are hard , but provide a delightful taste with the dried plum preserved with an intense sweet and saltiness. Sucking on a Li Hing Mui Candy can clear your throat with its sweet and sticky.

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Li Hing Mui Strawberry Belt Li Hing Mui Strawberry is a delicious candy in which Li Hing Mui plum powder are sprinkled . Its strawberry belt makes the candy chewy , soft, sweet and sour.

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Li Hing Mui Rainbow Belts LI hing Mui candy has been of different color just like a rainbow and give a taste of Home . The chewy candy strips covered with plum powder which make the candy sweet and sour .

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Li Hing Mui Brite Crawlers Li Hing Mui Brite Crawlers are delicious , sweet and sour candy which makes your throat watery and the lips to pucker. It provides in worm-shaped chewy candy .

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Li Hing Mui Gummy Bears Li Hing Mui Gummy Bears are soft and chewy. It looked like a bear-sting that covered with Li Hing plum powder. Bear gummies tart shape put the smile in your face .

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Li Hing mui Sour Watermelon Li Hing Mui Watermelon candy made up of Cantaloupe melon which gives us a bursting sweet flavor. Li Hing Mui powder sprinkled in the candy, which makes mouth watery and lip plucker

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Li Hing Mui sour is a fruit candy that looked like a kid shaped. The sprinkled of li hing mui powder give candy a sweet and sour flavor which make your mouth watery.   Li Hing Mui Sour Patch Kids

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Li Hing Mui apple candy is delicious that remind you your childhood days. Fresh apples are used in which a light li hing plum powder are spread that makes apple slice sweet and delicious. Li Hing Mui Sour Apple

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Li Hing Mui Strawberry punch is moist and chewy candy. The punch straws on which li hing mui powder coated make the strawberry candy sour and sweet.   Li Hing Mui Strawberry Punch

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