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SEO Search Engine Optimization is a technique or a strategy that helps to bring your site or blog at the top of the SERP Search Engine Result Page i.e. Google Yahoo Bing etc. or gathering organic traffic on your site or blog by the online visitor.

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How many types of SEO  There are two types of SEO i On Page ii Off Page

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On Page SEO.  On-Page SEO refers to how well your website’s content is presented to search engines. This type of SEO gets your site on the list of search results for a given keyword search and can usually be improved quickly. Even though it accounts for only about 25 of how search engines score and rank your website it is worth making it the first step of your SEO strategy since it is easy enough to do and provides almost immediate improvement.

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OFF Page SEO Off-Page SEO refers to your site’s “authority” on the Internet which is determined by what other websites “say” about your site. Off-page SEO is about getting your site to the top of the list of search results and usually takes time to improve.

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Benefits of SEO  Create a better and more user friendly website  Find new customers and assist growth  Explore new markets  Achieve better conversion rates  Build brand awareness through better rankings  Build a dedicated fan base via newsletter  Stay in-synch with latest developments  SEO is good for social medias

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Conclusion SEO is not only important for businesses that compete online but it is a necessary investment for all companies. Having an optimized website is the absolute minimum these days and the money spend on SEO should not be considered a cost but an investment.

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