Why is SMS Marketing the Best Marketing Strategy Ever?

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Integrating SMS into your marketing strategy is something that can boost your business and help it grow hundredfold. And if you haven’t considered doing this already, it’s high time you did.


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Why is SMS Marketing the Best Marketing Strategy Ever Integrating SMS into your marketing strategy is something that can boost your business and help it grow hundredfold. And if you haven t considered doing this already it s high time you did. Besides with the availability of SMS marketing software using SMS for marketing has indeed become a breeze. If you have so far been undermining the role of SMS in business marketing then reading on will certainly help change your perspective- 1. SMS is too fast and it puts your message directly into the pockets of your existing and potential customers. SMS takes about seven seconds to reach the mobile phone of the recipient. And that is why we consider it to be a pretty fast way to send across your message. Yes there are other swift marketing strategies too but the kind of swiftness SMS shows is incredible.

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2. Whether you intend to send a handful or a thousand messages you can do so without any hassle with SMS. You can also customise your text messages according to the requirements of your subscribers. SMS has enormous power to mould itself according to the needs of your business. So it s really flexible. And its flexibility gets reflected in an obvious manner. 3. Unlike emails and other such marketing strategies SMSs have a higher open rate. Because people enter an email inbox to check important messages they ignore the promotional ones. But in the case of SMS things happen differently. When a person hears his phone beep for a new message he almost always opens the message to see whose it is. And that is why the chances of your message being read by the recipient is always high. 4. SMSs are reliable. You send them and they reach the intended recipient. But in case of emails the message has to pass through a number of filters which acts a big hindrance for promotional emails. 5. For an SMS you need to be crisp so you don t bother or bore the reader. You get around 160 characters to write your message which is really good as you stay to the point don t beat around the bush and convey your message to the reader in a few relevant words. 6. The market potential of SMSs is huge. Almost everyone carries a mobile phone these days. And that is why choosing the SMS way to convey your message helps it reach your target group in a swift and effective manner.

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7. If you compare SMS marketing with traditional marketing means such as sending flyers and brochures then you will realise that SMS is an eco-friendly way to state your business message. Although all electronic media are eco-friendly we can t help but reiterate how important it is. Wasting paper doing promotions is not a good idea after all. These are the most important reasons why you should say yes to SMS for the marketing of your business. If you think the points are valid then approach a SMS service provider right away and leverage it for your business s growth. For more details feel free to visit us at: http://www.smstech.com.au.

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