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Email Marketing Trends 2017 - SMSsummit - Social Media Conference | Social Media Strategy


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Email Marketing Trends 2017:

Email Marketing Trends 2017 Social Media Marketing Summit Email Marketing Trends 2017: Annual State of Online marketing in India 2017 (Octane Research)

Social Media Influence Over Email Marketing:

Social Media Influence Over Email Marketing According to Marketers when Email marketing and Social Media Marketing are combined together they powerup the Brand Reputation & Awareness.

Email Viewed on Mobile Devices:

Email Viewed on Mobile Devices Mobile Marketing has dynamically changed digital consumption habits and marketers have begun to acknowledge its importance. In keeping with the upward trend, a significant number of marketers (46%) believe that more than 50% consumers will view their email on smartphones in 2017.

Effectiveness of Email Marketing Programs in 2016:

Effectiveness of Email Marketing Programs in 2016 65% Marketers believe that their Email Marketing Programs were more than effective in meeting their 2016 Marketing goals. This has been a consistent trend since 2011.

Top Factors impacting Inbox Delivery Rates:

Top Factors impacting Inbox Delivery Rates Media-rich content (54%), Frequency (51%) and Blacklisting (45%) were the key factors marketers voted for impacting their inbox Delivery Rates. When compared to previous years, Frequency/Volume of sending has seen a significant upward trend since 2011. Also, a revival of interest in Content has been observed when compared to 2014 and 2015.

Email Marketing practices the Reduce Spam Rates:

Email Marketing practices the Reduce Spam Rates Blacklisting due to spam complaints can have a detrimental impact on any digital marketing strategy. Marketers chose increased personalization & Targeting (75%) and rephrasing message titles and subject lines (54%) as the key activities they undertook in 2016 to ensure that customers find their emails relevant. Both these strategies have seen a rise in popularity among marketers by 12% and 7% since 2015.

Email Marketing Segmentation Technique:

Email Marketing Segmentation Technique Interest based performance (69%) and recent open and click activity (50%) are the top segmentation techniques marketers plan to implement in 2017. Marketers preference for these techniques rose by 11% and 10% when compared to 2016.

Effectiveness of Behavioural Targeting:

Effectiveness of Behavioural Targeting Majority of marketers (58%) believe that behavioural targeting is significant in improving the effectiveness of email marketing. For the past seven years, about 50% of our marketers have consistently believed that Behavioural Targeting is pivotal in ensuring their Email Campaign’s Success.

Online Budget For Email Marketing:

Online Budget For Email Marketing Email Marketing being youngest the top three primary activities has seen as increment in the budgets too, as compared to rest years around 12% of marketers have increased their budget above 75% for Email Marketing. Email Marketing Trends 2017: Octane Research

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