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Algebra produce a rock concert project


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BY: Hareem Usmani and Sebrina Yan The Amazing Seventh Graders Media Consulting Group


Recently, a man named Sam Arteste came to the Amazing Seventh Graders (us). He wanted us to help him plan a concert and wants us to decide which band to hire, which arena to rent for the concert, and what to charge for the ticket price. So we used tables, graphs, and equations to help this needy man figure out how to get the most profit from the concert.


n = number of tickets sold R = revenue F = fixed costs V = variable costs m = unit rate C = total cost P = profit p = ticket price


R = pn V = mn C = V + F (C = 4.5n + F) P = R – C


Now that “Sam-the-Scam” has figured out how much he should pay for the variable and fixed costs, he needs to find out how much money he’ll earn. To do this, we used the equation P = R – C. The example shown below is of Who’s That? at the Cotton Bowl.


n = -146.43p + 21428.57 n = -248.21p + 28571.43


In the end, the Amazing Seventh Graders Media Consulting Group was able to successfully tell Mr. Sam-the-Scam-Arteste how to make the most money.

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