How Can Scalp Micropigmentation Treat Female Hair Loss?

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Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent and permanent hair loss treatment for women when it comes to giving the illusion of a denser hair at balding spots. Read our blog to know more.


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How Can Scalp Micropigmentation Treat Female Hair Loss The most beautiful part of a woman is her hair and the loss of it can come as a tremendous blow. Several reasons why this happens include stress side-efects of medical treatments pattern baldness and Alopecia. While it is not possible to avoid these things it is crucial to understand why hair loss is happening in the frst place. Next you need to note how serious is the problem. If you are facing severe bald patches it would be better if you go for a hair transplant surgery. In case the unnatural hair loss is detected earlier on you can go for scalp micropigmentation as an efective hair loss treatment for women. To understand how SMP can help you let’s go through a few pointers one by one.

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What is the correct defnition of Scalp Micropigmentation Also known as an efective hair tattoo procedure scalp micropigmentation is an uncomplicated method where natural pigments are tattooed on the scalp to give an illusion of fuller hair. This non- invasive process reduces the appearance of thinning spots on the scalp and is thus an excellent solution for female hair loss. How is Scalp Micropigmentation helpful as a hair loss solution First of it becomes disheartening to lose hair all of a sudden to the point where bald spots can be seen especially for a woman. Having said that there are various reasons for hair loss and scalp micropigmentation can treat only a few of them. Some of the common types of hair loss treated by the procedure include: 1. Alopecia Areata 2. Female Pattern Hair Loss 3. Anagen and Telogen Efuvium 4. Traction Alopecia Hair loss in women can also be caused due to PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome menopause pregnancy chemotherapy oral contraceptives drastic weight loss excessive styling and ageing. A visit to one of the top surgeons and aestheticians would be able to determine if you are eligible for the procedure or not. What are the benefts of Scalp Micropigmentation As a most sought-after female hair loss treatment SMP has several benefts as mentioned below: 1. SMP is a non-surgical procedure where unlike hair transplant you need not shave your hair before the treatment. 2. Only two to three sessions are required to get the optimum results out of the procedure. 3. It works to accentuate the existing hair by using real-like pigments to bring in a realistic look. 4. Perfect for scar camoufage and so can be used as a follow-up treatment after hair transplant surgeries that leave scars. 5. Doesn’t have any skin or hair type restriction and can be performed on everybody. 6. Shows immediate results and that too with short recovery time. 7. Minimum pain technological advancements have ensured that there is almost no pain at all. 8. No side-efects. 9. It renders permanent results with occasional retouches.

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What is the entire process of Scalp Micropigmentation Scalp micropigmentation is a process that needs fnesse. The aesthetician frst takes note of the colour of your hair and mixes a pigment of the same so that the after-efects of the treatment look as real as attainable. This process is done so that this hair loss treatment for women could give a thicker and denser look to the hair. Finally he or she would go in with the micro-needle and penetrate it till 2-mm of the scalp. This would ensure you get the best results and the procedure doesn’t come between any future growth of hair or cause damage to the existing hair. What you must note here is that the procedure should be performed by experts so that there are no after-efects and you get the best results. Dr Satya Saraswat and Dr Preeti Saraswat are two surgeons certifed from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ABHRS who can provide you with the best treatment at afordable rates. Conclusion: Scalp Micropigmentation as a female hair loss treatment can be a great and permanent alternative to several other options. To know more about the procedure and book an appointment to discuss your problem with professionals you can dial +91-914-911-2892. Source: female-hair-loss/ ----------------------------------- Scalp Micropigmentation India Phone No.: +91-9149112892 Email ID: Visit Us: Stay Connected Via:

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