Diesel Generator Dealers In Hyderabad

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Diesel Generator Dealers In Hyderabad

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What is diesel generator An electric generator is equipment that converts mechanical energy from external source into electrical energy as the output The major components of a diesel generator  Diesel engine: the supply of the mechanical energy as the input to the generator. Its size and output capacity is determined by the how much power a unit can produce.  Exhaust: exhaust smoke transmitted by the diesel generator that contains highly toxic chemical that that should be properly managed.  Alternator: it converts the mechanical energy into the electrical energy mechanical input supplied through the diesel engine.  Control panel: Control panel is a user interface for generator including start up shut down controls phase selector switches etc.  Air filters: filters that remove solid particles like pollen dust mold and bacteria from air.  Radiator cooling system: simultaneously using the generator heats up the various parts. The cooling applications that help withdraw heat produced from generator.

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Smooth Line Power System is one of the leading diesel generator dealers in Hyderabad. We are the authorized diesel generator dealers and suppliers in Hyderabad. We have varied range of portable diesel generators for different applications such as industry construction restaurants hotels and petrol bunks. Technical data Generator set specifications Model C 7.5 D5 C 10 D5 Prime Power Rating KVA/KW 1 phase - 7.5/7.5 3 phase - 7.5/6 1 phase - 7.5/7.5 3 phase - 7.5/6 currentAmps 1 phase - 26 3 phase - 10.5 1 phase - 34.78 3 phase - 14 Power Factor 1 phase - 1.0 3 phase - 0.8 lag 1 phase - 10 3 phase - 0.8 lag No. of Phases 1 phase/3 phase 1 phase/3 phase For More Information Website: http://www.smoothlinepower.com/ Callus 040-66331789

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