Scott Smolen- A successful real estate agent in your area

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Scott Smolen A successful real estate agent in your area:

Scott Smolen A successful real estate agent in your area

About Scott Smolen:

About Scott Smolen Scott Smolen is one of the most respected and a reputed realty professional in Maryland. His profession is all about meeting people. He needs to understand what they want for which his mechanism is lending a patient ear. Combined with a pleasing personality, he exudes a warmth that endears him to the customers. After that, it is a matter of joining the right property to fit the client’s needs. More often than not it is a perfect match as evidenced by the various testimonials thanking Scott for his services. Scott believes in keeping things simple and not complicating his business with jargon. His team at Scot Smolen is more like family which explains the many awards and citations bestowed on him. His motto says it all as in ‘Rooted in tradition, focused on the future”.

Scott Smolen’s pure doctrine :

Scott Smolen’s pure doctrine The decision to make a career in real estate also ensured that this indoctrination would stand him in good stead which is an excellent example of why parents are the best teachers. When your parents are also teachers, Scott had the benefit of a double whammy. Of course, there are plenty of academicians and although most of them strive to impart values into their children methodology varies and so does the outcome. Scott’s business philosophy and practice are simple and efficient. Being in the top bracket of ReMax Realtors in Maryland places him as a leading light. He is no flash in the pan as for 17 long years he has pursued the profession with a passion that has culminated in him receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award (LFA) from ReMax. This award is on par with other LFAs as in sports and business. The challenges, struggles, and obstacles are the same.

The USP of Maryland :

The USP of Maryland Maryland leaves people to choose their paths and destiny, evidenced by the influx of people of all hues and demographics buying real estate. Scott Smolen is a reputed Realtor and a Maryland native. He is a conservationist (ardent advocate of The Chesapeake Bay Project) and for the past 17 years (as a top award winning realtor) has seen Presidents come and go. He is a local influencer with the ability to assess people’s needs and help them achieve their dreams of owning or building a home. Despite the suspension of reduction in FHA mortgage insurance premiums, several first-time home buyers are taking the help of Scott Smolen. The geography and social demographics of Baltimore, Annapolis, The Chesapeake Bay area and Washington DC are part of Scott's DNA. He is the perfect resource if you are considering buying a home in Maryland.

Tips for selling your home :

Tips for selling your home Scott Smolen from Maryland has the following advice to sellers of homes. You are a buyer first before you sell as you firm the decisions on your next purchase. The same market conditions apply to you. Scott Smolen is an experienced award winning realty professional. The Chesapeake Bay area is his back yard, and so are the areas around Anne Arundel County. His knowledge of localities around these regions and their proximity to Washington DC is invaluable. If you are a seller; because you need to upgrade or your family is becoming bigger the timing is just right. However, if you were to make a few changes in the matter of maintenance your home will fetch a better price.

Buy Your Dream House:

Buy Your Dream House

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Sell Your House

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CONTACT US Scott Smolen – Real Estate 1166 Maryland Route 3 South, Suite 106 Gambrills, MD 21054 ( 301) 651-1261

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