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Dabbling in Overwatch account trading can be tough. But now that you can do the math for account prices, it’s going to be much easier using Overwatch Account Value Calculator. Happy trading!


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H o w t o P r e d i c t a n O v e r w a t c h A c c o u n t ’ s V a l u e   OVERWATCH VALUE CALCULATOR

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want to either buy or sell an Overwatch account do you BUY

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Here’s how you can do so regardless of which side of the coin you are. M A N Y F A C T O R S T O C O N S I D E R W H E N D E T E R M I N I N G T H E P R I C E O F A N O V E R W A T C H A C C O U N T . Beyond Skin Deep T H E P R I C I E R T H E S K I N S I T H A S T H E M O R E E X P E N S I V E I T ’ S G O I N G T O B E . Basic P2P trading protocol Image Credit: GGNetwork.TV what truly sets an Overwatch account apart from others and truly ups its price are its limited-edition skins. Overwatch limited skins fetch a heftier price than the ones that only have regular or seasonal skins.

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Rank Currencies and Golden Guns  Image Credit: somosgamers.net Level and rank MMR and tier also influence an account’s price. There is no cap to an Overwatch’s account level and it has no bearing on gameplay whatsoever either. However level changes the account’s portrait border making it snazzier when you hit a particular level. For rank-related elements it definitely affects the price. However if you’re buying an account that is worth more than others simply because of rank and you happen to be a relatively inexperienced player it’d be best to go with a cheaper lower-ranking account. This is because the ranking tier is reset every now and then. Other factors that affect account price would be currencies like credits and competitive points. The former is used to buy and/or unlock items while the latter is used to purchase weapon skins.Last but not least golden weapons. They look cool and will naturally make your account pricier.

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The Overwatch Value Calculator Trouble estimating an Overwatch account’s worth  check it with an Overwatch Value Calculator by Playerauctions This TOOL is really easy to use. Just enter the number/values of the following elements in the account: Skins Golden Weapons Competitive Points Credits Level and MMR. After the total amount has been computed compare it with the price of the account you want to buy or the price you want to sell your account for.

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What exactly is OVERWATCH ACCOUNT VALUE CALCULATOR Comment below. Let us know your thoughts and experience using this tool. Read the complete article here: https://www.quora.com/Account-Value-Calculator-How-to- Predict-an-Overwatch-Account-s-Value Overwatch Account Value Calculator:  https://www.playerauctions.com/value-calculator/overwatch- account-worth/ Playerauctions Account Value Calculator: https://www.playerauctions.com/value-calculator/

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